Friday, October 8, 2010

China UFO 2010: 8th Chinese Airport Sighting

The China UFO 2010 brings the 8th Chinese airport sighting in four months. The Baotou Airport experienced a sighting at about 8pm on September 11. The illuminated UFO was picked up on the radar by air traffic controllers, who re-routed flights or made them circle the airport until the threat was no longer present.

Perhaps the UFO's are the result of top-secret military operations. The Chinese government has been quiet about the sightings. In addition, some speculate that Russian satellites or other countries satellites or military tests could be to blame.

Still yet another distinct group of individuals think that the UFO in China 2010 is the result of extraterrestrials. We've even recently discovered a new planet that is thought to be able to sustain life!

Still yet, there's no answer for the China UFO 2010 - although plenty of questions exist.

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