Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chris Coons Christine O'Donnell Debate Details

Coons O'Donnell Debate Details are available. Christine O'Donnell has become the viral candidate of the mid-term election thanks mostly to Bill Maher who has been releasing one video clip after another of the zany conservative until she agrees to come on his show.

Her admission of "dabbling in witchcraft" while she was younger took off and made her the joke of every political circle - even some of her own circles. It even prompted her campaign ad, "I'm Not a Witch."

Given that she's not exactly taken seriously, it seems as though Chris Coons would have a pretty easy time "winning" the debate. Wrong.

As reports are coming in about Wednesday's debate, the consensus is that there were no real, hard winners. Despite a 19 point lead, Chris Coons was very condescending of Christine O'Donnell...and if O'Donnell would have quit from punching so hard at her opponent, she may have walked away the winner. She even went so far as to call him a Marxist, and even slammed his personal wealth - which is far from relevant in the election.

Below is video coverage of the Chris Coons Christine O'Donnell Debate...what are your thoughts?

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