Friday, October 8, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Ad a Political Success or Failure?

Christine O'Donnell ad - is it a political success or failure? Christine O'Donnell is the Delaware Senate GOP hopeful, and she's been a big force this year on a national level because of her quirky beliefs and for Bill Maher's seemingly endless supply of embarrassing clips.

Shortly after O'Donnell won the GOP nomination, Bill Maher released a clip where she claims she "dabbled in witchcraft." The next week rolled around and O'Donnell was quoted as saying that "evolution is a myth" and then that she tried a variety of religions before Christianity, but didn't become Hare Krishna because she "loves meatballs."

However, it's the witchcraft clip that stuck. It's also the subject of, believe it or not, O'Donnell's first campaign ad. In the ad, Christine O'Donnell says "I'm not a witch...I'm You" which is a really strange campaign, if you ask anyone who knows politics.

The second ad Christine O'Donnell admits she "Didn't Go to Yale", which her opponent, Chris Coons, did. It also ends with the tag line "I'm You."

What do you think about Christine O'Donnell ads? Are they too simple, or are they just right? Although she's behind in the polls do you think she will win in November?


  1. Not a prayer. Nor a spell.

  2. When you have to defend your normalcy like that, it's over. She's finished.

  3. she's a nut case!

  4. I think it is not based on the political campaign or advertisement, it should be based on how they reach out to people and how they serve the country that matters most.


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