Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Campaign Money Used For Rent?

Did Christine O'Donnell use campaign money for rent? There are some reports out there surfacing which seem to suggest that the GOP candidate from Delaware used her campaign funds like a personal ATM.

O'Donnell is accused of using campaign funds to pay half the rent on her townhome. However she maintains that the arrangement was agreed upon and approved because her home doubles as her campaign headquarters.

Christine O'Donnell reported income of $5,800 last year, and showed very little money in the bank. Her financial situation has been one of the many things she's been ridiculed about during this election year.

She recently amended her statements to show she had a savings account worth $15,000. She claims she's sold all of her assets in order to live.

What do you think about Christine O'Donnell? Does her financial situation even matter to the election?

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