Saturday, October 23, 2010

"NPR vs Fox News" Battle Begins with Juan Williams, Bill O'Reilly

NPR vs Fox News battle begins with Juan Williams and Bill O'Reilly. You see, Bill O'Reilly had Juan Williams on Fox News after O'Reilly appeared on "The View" and angered two hosts of the show who subsequently walked off. Williams discussed the event with O'Reilly and in the end ended up getting fired.

Now there's a big discussion over NPR and Fox News. NPR is National Public Radio - a publicly funded news organization. After the incident in which Juan lost his job was made public, there's been an outcry to end public funding of the news organization. In addition, the organization recently received a huge influx of resources from a well known liberal Billionaire George Soros.

On the other hand, Fox has been the "black sheep" of the news world. It's typically conservatively slanted news, and the commentators have a typically unfavorable view of the current administration. Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and several other commentators are typically very divisive individuals.

The difference between Fox News and NPR is that Fox news receives no federal funding. NPR is paid by taxpayers to be unbiased.

Where do you stand on the NPR vs Fox News arguments?


  1. I have heard speculation that Williams was fired at the order of George Soros. Soros has come up a lot over the years so I was curious and did a little research. Soros born “Schwartz György” in Hungary, worked for the N***S during WWll helping them round up Jews.
    Source: Masquerade: dancing around death in Nazi-occupied Hungary By Tivadar Soros (His father’s book)
    How does Soros feel about what he did as a teenager? Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes asked him that very question. Was it difficult? “Not at all,” Soros answered. “No feeling of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” said Soros. “There was no sense that I shouldn’t be there. If I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. Whether I was there or not. So I had no sense of guilt.”
    That moral hollowness has shaped Soros’ life. He’s a rabid critic of capitalism, but in 1992 when he saw a chance, he speculated against the British pound, causing it to crash, devastating retirement savings for millions of Britons. Soros pocketed $1.1 billion for himself. If he didn’t do it, someone else would, right?

    In 2002, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France, and fined millions of dollars. He admitted buying the shares, but denied it was a crime.
    He made $3.3 billion off the banking collapse; he called the world’s financial crisis “the culmination of my life’s work.”
    Now that we have a perspective of Soros, what do you think he intends to get in return for $1.8 million?

  2. juan williams was unjustly fired....i have always liked him......i am from india and here is some food for thought...i too would be shit scared if a person in a robe much like the arabs came on the plane with me!!!!!!!! juan screw npr....welcome to fox....God bless!K

  3. NPR makes me puke! I pray to God this Juan Williams becomes 10 times more successful and I pray that NPR will collapse. I despise hypocrites they trash talk everyone that disagrees with them and then fires this guy for basically freedom of speech? I am about politically corrected out! Let's just get real can we?


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