Monday, October 4, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: Witchcraft, Yes Hare Krishna...No

Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft video clip still takes the cake when it comes to Bill Maher's "embarrassing" releases. However, this week is a close second. In an interview in the late 1990's with Bill Maher, Christine O'Donnell talks more about all the religions that she "dabbled" in before settling on Christianity.

The Witchcraft video can be seen here.

So as we know from the first clips O'Donnell "dabbled in Witchcraft" although she didn't join a coven. Her first date was at a Satanic alter...kind of odd for someone who is known for her faith in God.

However, O'Donnell shares insight as to why she didn't "dabble in" Hare Krishna. It's not because she didn't want to shave her was because she loves meatballs.

So, witchcraft okay to try but Hare Krishna? No. Christine O'Donnell Loves her Meatballs too much.


  1. As a female Hare Krishna, she wouldn't have to shave her head. But, yes, she would have to give up her oh-so-precious meatballs. If her search for spirituality was so hollow and shallow (giving up a spiritual path just because her taste buds got in the way), what is her political resolve (or lack thereof)? Just as Palin gave up her job as governor for some trifling reason, similarly, what tenacity can we expect of ODonnell?

  2. I don't know anybody (including, no doubt, the reader of this) who hasn't said or done things that are embarrassing in their past. Christine O'Donnell is challenging the establishment hierarchy in both parties and getting slammed for it. Good for her. She has proven that she has the courage and backbone to be a U.S. Senator. Why anyone would support Coon's, an admitted Communist, is beyond comprehension. The only thing Communists are efficient at is killing there own people. The fact that a Communist like Coon's is even taken seriously is a scary thought in a country that cherishes Freedom like ours. Christine O'Donnell has mainstream values of limiting government spending, taxes and regulations, and is very principled in defending these. It's plain to see that progressives cannot defend their positions on the issues, so they attack her and other Tea Party candidates personally.

  3. Name calling always says something about the name caller, doesn't it. Now, if offended by my comment, (the last entry before this one) Kurtis will undoubtedly blame me for his 'own' word usage. Right out of the conservative playbook. Never take responsibility, Sharon is just a quick study.

  4. wooops, meant Christine (O'donnell) not Sharron (Angle). So many 'wackos' lately i can't keep them all straight. Who's that guy running for governor in NY. Another 'class' act. i guess they're all victims. Victims of the truth of their own past. That's someone else's fault too i suppose. What a joke!

  5. If she isn't a witch, then she must be able to float when she's thrown into a pool of water. The question now is what is Christine O'Donnell hiding by refusing to be bagged up and tossed into a pool of water? (thanks to Monty Python - if you don't get the sarcasm, go Google until you do.)

  6. No Women Hare Krishnas shave. Only some men(munks) shave their heads. I have a friend who is Hare Krishna for two decades and I have never seen him with shvaed hair. Obviously he is Vegetarian (they say bacause of respect to all living entities).
    Per Lundberg
    From Sweden.


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