Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Tiger Cub Born in Frankfurt Zoo to "Infertile" Mother

First tiger cub born in Frankfurt to "Infertile" mother. A tiger that was previously believed to have been infertile gave zookeepers a surprise - the first tiger cub to be born at the zoo in 26 years. The mother of the cub has rejected it, which is normal for first time tiger mommies.

However, the baby is getting a steady diet of milk and is gaining weight and is in good health. The cub has been re-named Daseep and everyone is just so excited about it. The cub is a female.

The first public viewing of the three week old tiger was yesterday. The photo is of the cub peeking up out of her box.

I think it's great that the first tiger cub born at Frankfurt zoo in 26 years was born and healthy.

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