Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glenn Beck Advertisers Warned By Tides Foundation CEO

Glenn Beck's advertisers warned by Tides Foundation CEO. Some of Glenn Beck's advertisers were contacted by the CEO of the Tides Foundation after he was the target of assassins who were inspired by Glenn Beck's rhetoric.

The message was simple: drop Beck or risk having blood on your hands.

Is this fair to Glenn Beck? He's arguably one of the more inflammatory personalities out there, but it's not like he personally put the assassins up to trying to put a hit out on the Tides CEO.

Honestly, I think Glenn would be appalled by such measures.

Media Matters and other organizations have taken measures against Beck in the past, which caused him to lose 100 or so sponsors over the years. Those who watch the Glenn Beck show know that he speaks in hyperbole often used to make a point.

So do you think that the Tides Foundation CEO's pleas to drop Beck will be heard, or do you think they will fall on deaf ears?


  1. Glenn Beck should be taken off the air

  2. As long as he is generating revenue for somebody, Glenn Beck will not be taken off the air.

  3. Taken off the air? Really? By whom?

  4. "Is this fair to Glenn Beck?"

    WTF kind of question is that? Glenn Beck spouts unchallenged hate-filled nonsense on radio and television for 20 hours a week and you're asking if organizing an advertiser boycott is fair to Glenn Beck.

  5. Yes yes! Let's take him off the air muaaa haa haa. We needed just one scapegoat and now we have him! We have a TERRORIST! We have a KILLER! Yes that’s who we have now. We can show the world that Glenn Beck is a dangerous man who needs to be silenced.

    But we as progressives must act fast! As a matter of nature we respond under the guidance of emotion and we cannot afford time to whittle this issue into a pile of dust to be blown out of the consciousness of America!

    We must show all of the feeble minded Americans that there are times when censorship is the answer. Now is one of those times.

    Censorship is only answer to protect all of them from Glenn Beck! Do not let up. Call on his advertisers! Tell them in no uncertain terms that they will have blood on their hands should they continue to fund the words of Satan (We’ll we don’t really believe in deities good or evil) but you know what I mean.

    It could be only one more radio broadcast that takes the otherwise sane person over the edge! We have the proof. Someone at the Tides foundation was nearly KILLED! Everyone one of Becks 16 million weekly listeners of his cable and radio show could be the next murderer, insane and frothing at the mouth. Coming for you. Coming for ME! We cannot allow them to feed and nourish their inevitable murderous plunder! Imagine a knife slicing the neck of Sean Penn for godssake!
    It will happen if we don’t act!

    `He has a 16 MILLION strong army! All wearing clothing in Red, White and Blue. At times dressing as Thomas Jefferson or Betsy Ross hiding. Waiting in your bushes, behind your chimney, even under your pillow!

    But I warn; haste not. Someone with a calculator, some stupid “All-American” red neck that probably eats pig livers in the form of Hot Dogs and sings that putrid “Star Spangled Banner” song at Baseball games will put this together like a simp.
    Some “potential terrorist” is going to do the math.
    The statistics don’t help our cause. It will be brought to the attention of the American conscience that out of all of these murderers-these Glenn Beck warriors only ONE has taken to these extremes.

    It makes it almost seem laughable. Even as I write this call to action I find doubt in my rant.

    Could it really be with all of our alarms that that percentage comes to only .0000000625%?

    .0000000625% of Glenn Beck listeners go to the extreme and buy a gun?

    Well. As anticlimactic as that sounds 1 is TOO MANY. I still stand by my progressive game plan. Censorship is still the only way.

    I think.

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  7. Who CARES if the dirtbag beck is "appalled"! He needs to be put away somewhere where no one can see or hear from him ever again.

  8. "Who CARES if the dirtbag beck is "appalled"! He needs to be put away somewhere where no one can see or hear from him ever again".

    You people are some sick puppies.

  9. I am appalled by these socialistic remarks, but I am an American. I am not afraid to let you have your free speech, just so long as I get mine. Glen Beck's program is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Freedom of Speech is needed for unpopular speech and while I can appreciate that you have a different point of view I am obligated to let you speak while I express the exact opposite point of view.

    America did not grow by letting the government do for us, we had to do for ourselves which may be extremely daunting to you if you are someone who has never had to struggle, so it goes to reason that you would support Obama and the socialist agenda he is shoving down the throats of the American people. But, the people are fed up with not being heard. Just make sure you denounce your citizenship and leave this country as we get it back on track, you will not want to be stuck with people who expect you to take care of yourself. Hey, France or Greece might be the best place for you since socialism is alive and well there! Bon voyage!

  10. Let us substitute conservatives trying to thwart free speech and see what outrage there is from the leftist. At some time, the consrvatives will be in charge again and remember the same rules will apply. Also, why isn't the attorney generals office investigating George Soros and his investments. I personally want to know if there is some insider trading based on his frequent trips to the white house. What inside information is he getting from the west wing? What policies are being instituted to benefit george soros' hedge fund investments? Thanbk God for Glen Beck and his great investigative team. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!


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