Monday, October 18, 2010

No Social Security Increase 2011

No Social Security increase 2011. There's not going to be an increase in Social Security for the millions of elderly, disabled, and underprivileged people in America for the second year in a row. Of course, this is understandably causing a considerable amount of uproar within the community, as Americans have grown to expect their "annual raise."

There's no "right" to an increase in benefits. Social Security payments are supposed to adjust with the Cost of Living. However, if the cost of living goes down, payments don't actually decrease.

The last increase was 5.8% due to a spike in energy costs. As energy prices have stabilized, the argument is that benefits are now catching up to what they would have been without the raise back starting in 2009.

The failure of having a social security increase in 2011 is troublesome to democrats, who are slated to lose a number of seats in the 2010 mid-term elections as it is.

With the average Social Security recipient receiving $1,072 per month and 2/3 of retirees living on Social Security alone, Nancy Pelosi pushed to pass a $250 one-time bonus payment to recipients. However, passing this in the Senate will be difficult, at best.


  1. Wow, what a coincidence. There has never been a 0 COLA since it started in 1975. Now each year Obozo has been president, it has been 0. They really must think we're real idiots. Unemployment at records highs. Prices in the stores are much higher in this economy but they are trying to make us believe that there was no inflation for 2 years. What a bunch of bums. They're paying government employees double the private sector. You must vote these incumbents out people or we're doomed.

  2. Has congress taken the money saved by no COLA to social security and used that money to have their medical records available on the internet as has been reported?

  3. No increase for the people who have worked for fifty + years and paid into the system is B.S. We can spend billions of dollars to fight a war under the pretence of nuclear development in a country which we have no real reason for concern, but not help the elderly. There is diffently a polical downfall to our country. God help our children!

  4. Our government keeps getting into debt because the idiots that run it have no idea how to. So they get in debt and need social security funds to bail them out. The real way to I guess to get an increase is to ask for a million dollar grant to study how many leaves grow on certain trees.


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