Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge 2010 Pictures

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge 2010 pictures are available. No longer will commuters have to go around the surface of the Grand Canyon, as there is now a Hoover Dam bypass bridge that will allow travelers to go straight through the canyon.

The bridge will drastically cut down the time it takes to get from Las Vegas to Phoenix. It took 7 years to build and is 1,900 feet long. As the Hoover Dam is noted as one of the wonders of the world, the new bridge may as well become a wonder.

The Hoover Dam Bypass bridge is dedicated to two faithful servants of the United States. Pat Tillman is the NFL football player who left the pros to go serve our country. He died in Afghanistan under friendly fire. The dedication is also given to Mike O'Callaghan.

Here are some photos and a video about the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, which opens in 2010.

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