Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zahra Clare Baker Homicide Update

Zahra Clare Baker Homicide update hasn't brought us a body yet. It was disheartening when the Amber Alert for Zahra Clare Baker was canceled and a homicide investigation ensued. Elisa Baker, the girl's stepmother is a person of interest in the case.

Adam Baker and Zahra previously lived in Australia. Elisa Baker's MySpace profile used the handle "gothicfairy6668." Her last login was the day before Zahra was reported missing by Adam.

Zahra and her father had a happy life in Australia, and family friends noted that Elisa Baker may have been abusing the little girl. They say she would visit peoples' homes and then get extremely upset when she had to go home. Even more sad is that little Zahra is a bone cancer survivor who lost hearing in both her ears due to chemotherapy. This poor little girl beat the odds, only to succumb to a horrific death.

See the latest Zahra Clare Baker homicide update video below.

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