Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indonesia Volcano Eruption 2010

Indonesia Volcano Eruption 2010. The Indonesia Volcano Eruption 2010 has happened again, and it's the worst eruption yet. Indonesia has been torn apart not only by a 10 foot tall tsunami, but two volcano eruptions as well.

The Volcano Eruption 2010 has displaced some 47,000 people, who have fled the area. The death toll is over 400 for the tsunami and first eruption, and the missing toll has dropped down below 200.

As this event is unfolding as we speak, it's possible that the death toll will grow. This is the type of activity that areas in the "Pacific Rim of Fire" are used to experiencing. Between volcanoes and earthquakes, the area in the Pacific ocean is rife for natural disasters.

We will keep you informed of the details as they unfold in Indonesia because of the 2010 Volcano eruption.

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  1. my indonesian brothers and sisters.. u r not alone, please dont worry, we r all with u!


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