Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charlie Chaplin Time Travel & Traveler Explained?

Charlie Chaplin time travel? Yes, a so-called "Time Traveler" was suspected in a 1923 Charlie Chaplin film. How was she detected? Well, someone says that a woman, on the video clip below, was on a cell phone in the movie.

Yes, a cell phone - in 1923 before there were cell phone towers, private phone lines, and more. I remember back in the late 80's my grandparents had a "party line" where they shared phone line with several families.

I also remember the first cell phones - and they were much bigger than what the "time traveler" is carrying in the clip below.

Some say that the explanation is simple. The Charlie Chaplin time traveler was simply wearing an old-time hearing aid. Some skeptics are quick to point out that she's not talking to anyone--but perhaps she's simply adjusting it so she can hear what's going on around her?

So what do you think? Is the Charlie Chaplin time traveler for real, and does the explanation make sense?


  1. Her mouth is moving in the last second or two, so I've just been thinking she could be talking to herself on an imaginary phone that she thought she was carrying. But then it looks like there's a small rectangular object in her hand, maybe she's talking into that - But not necessarily a telephone, it could just be she's talking into a block of wood.

    Another point is how no one else noticed this over the last 82 years...The person who took this footage didn't find anything odd with that clip? But I digress.

    After reading what you said about it being an old-fashioned Hearing Aid, I looked it up and found this:

    "Vacuum Tubes
    Vacuum tubes were used in the hearing aids of the 1920s. They consisted of an ear receiver, a microphone, an amplifier and two batteries so large that they were awkward to carry."

    Meaning that if it was a Hearing Aid she was adjusting, where's her "Vacuum Tube?"

    But it makes sense it was a hearing aid because her mouth might've opened like that if she put the Hearing Aid in too much. And she could be walking like that because she's carrying a Vacuum Tube (which is nowhere in sight).

    Final Analysis: She's either talking to an Imaginary Person, or she's wearing an Old-Fashioned Hearing Aid.

  2. OMG this is out of hand. Even if she traveled time, her cell phone would have been absolutely useless!! there were no towers, companies, etc... to provide cell service.

  3. not saying this is true but if it was a time traveler and we figured out a way to travel through time, we probably would have figured out a way to use cell phones without a cell tower..

  4. what a stupid comment. Of course if the figured out time travel they wouldn't need cell phone towers. LOL

    There probably is a perfect explanation of what is going on, but we will never know. I think it's really freaky.

    Reminds me of the old ghost in 3 men and a baby.

  5. Time Traveler Caught on Tape? 1928 Charlie Chaplin Explained - Exposed

  6. She's my mother shes from the year 2521. Regards Buck Rogers. Fuck me She cant be my mother Im from the 70s. Shit man that tunnel in switzerland is broke again.

  7. Time travel .Easy.Go outside and look at the sky.What do you see with your nake eye.Surprise ?Did you see how fast your vision traveled to that.Whatever you saw.Know can we human,s travel in time .Yes Can you go back in time with your brain and remember .Can you go forward. Yes Can you go to the Future Yes How In your spirit.Look for God He has the Answer.Past Presence Future.Good luck.

  8. There are a lot of satelite phones now that don't have towers. If it were a time traveler (which I don't believe), it could be a small sat-phone. Hey, maybe there are aliens among us (rolling my eyes)!! lol....

    [The Bible calls them fallen angels, and even demons...and don't you demonize me for saying that either!!]

  9. "There are a lot of satelite phones now that don't have towers."

    Yes, there are. Also, they use satellites. In 1928 there would not have been satellites for the satellite phones. Use reason.


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  11. Hey, weve seen countless times in movies (ala star trek) the time travelers communicating with each other via small devices....could be the same here, she/he got caught on film reporting to fellow travelers who all arrived in the same device or at different need for cell towers or even communication thru time....
    and the idea this ia a hearing aid? Have you seen pictures of transistors from that day? Or, as someone mentioned...batteries? That hearing aid would have been the size of a loaf of bread...


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