Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meg Whitman Housekeeper Scandal Another Political Fracas

Meg Whitman's housekeeper scandal is another political fracas. Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO, is running for the governor of California. After pouring billions of her own fortune into the campaign, about a month before the election an undocumented worker surfaces and claims that Whitman was her employer and knew of her immigration status.

What gets me is this - the housekeeper surfaces with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred in tow, in the middle of an election where one of the hottest debates centers on illegal immigration. It seems a little bit opportunistic to me.

However, I don't live in California and therefore I won't be affected by the decision made on November 2nd, therefore I can be objective.

Now, Whitman claims that she didn't know that the housekeeper was illegal. However, there's allegedly a letter from the government asking for social security verification that was overlooked.

In the end, any claims that a powerful billionaire like Meg Whitman even employed an illegal immigrant is going to hurt them with the Hispanic voting base. In California, that can be deadly for a campaign. Whitman and Jerry Brown were tied at the last polling. Will that change now after the housekeeper scandal? Only time will tell.


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  2. Wow. That was the craziest comment I've read in a long time. Sure lets annex Mexico. I hope that was tongue in cheek.


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