Sunday, October 3, 2010

Middle East Peace Talks 2010 Cease As Israel Moratorium Ends

The 2010 Middle East peace talks have ceased, as a building moratorium for the Israeli's has come to an end. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) has ceased the US lead peace talks after Israel began building again in the West Bank after a 1o month moratorium.

The US stays committed to a two-state solution, and it seems as if Israel and Palestine are blaming each other for the cessation of the peace talks.

Netanyahu is hopeful that Israel can reach an agreement with the PLO within a year, and noted that the Palestinians entered into peace talks without any preconditions.

America will likely continue to try to find a solution that pleases the Palestinians. The Palestinian's on the other hand are going to discuss measures with the Arab league at a summit in Libya next month.

What will come of the 2010 Middle East Peace Talks? Only time will tell. Hopefully a solution that is agreeable for both sides will be reached although I don't know how that's possible at this point.

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