Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize 2010 Chinese Writer Wife to Accept Awards?

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Chinese author who is in jail for going against the Communist regime. The government of China is upset that the jailed author would be getting the award, and as such has tried to block the award from going to this individual.

However, his wife is hoping to claim the award. Last year, the choice was controversial as well as it was given to President Obama despite the US fighting two wars. Choosing a war time president for a peace award felt like an oxymoron.

The Nobel Peace Prize this year went to Liu Xiaobo. Everyone is really quiet about the win, as the Chinese Government has publicly denounced it. It's really sad to see that the Nobel Peace prize is causing such a heartache for the recipient, who is truly deserving based on his literary works.

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