Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ukraine Bus Accident

Ukraine's bus accident happened when a bus and a train collided in the Ukraine. This ended up being devastating, as 43 people were killed. At least a dozen more are injured, many of them critically.

Basically the Ukraine bus accident is the result of human error. The bus driver is said to have ignored warning lights and passed in front of the train. This is only the latest accident, and took place about 500 km from the capital of Kiev.

Traveling around the Ukraine is difficult, and dangerous. Many drivers disobey safety rules and regulations in the name of getting in a hurry and these are the sort of situations that erupt. It's even been said that the accident today was something that is looked at by many as "common."

Of course the Ukraine bus accident is a tragic tale. Hopefully no one else will die as a result of their injuries sustained during the Ukraine bus accident.

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  1. Road Safety Authority show that in recent years, almost 90% of car crashes are caused by driver error – either speeding, failing to obey a traffic signal or mistiming a manoeuvre. Injuries sustained in car crashes can be life threatening or permanently debilitating. Car crashes can cause the victim to lose their leg or even their life. So drive slowly & be carefully.


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