Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired by CNN, Suzanne Sanchez Goes to Facebook

Rick Sanchez fired by CNN? Why? Well, it all started on a Sirius radio show, where Sanchez called Comedy Central show host Jon Stewart a Bigot and then proceeded to say that the media is ran by Jews. There's a big controversy over the whole thing, but that's not unusual when a high profile individual loses their job in such a highly politicized manner.

Suzanne Sanchez, his wife offered the following insight on her Facebook page: "rick apologized to jon stewart today. they had a good talk. jon was gracious and called rick, 'thin-skinned.' he's right. rick feels horrible that in an effort to make a broader point about the media, his exhaustion from working 14 hr days for 2 mo. straight, caused him to mangle his thought process inartfully. he got ...caught up in the banter and deeply apologizes to anyone who was offended by his unintended comments."

Jon Stewart is a good egg, you have to admit - he doesn't hold a grudge. That doesn't mean he won't make fun of Sanchez on his show, though.

Do you think that CNN should reinstate Rick Sanchez? DO you think CNN was right to Fire Rick Sanchez?

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  1. Rick Sanchez should be fired for making such antisemitic and insensitive remarks on the air. A journalist should be bound by a code of ethics that makes them a neutral reporter. Sanchez made it quite clear that he is not a fair an unbiased reporter. He lost his credibility. If Sanchez would continue on the air it would compromise CNN's credibility as well. CNN made the correct choice in firing him. Actions have consequences.


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