Monday, October 4, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired, CNN Fires Correspondent, Calls Jon Stewart 'Bigot'

Rick Sanchez fired? Yes, Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN after a rant on a Sirius radio show indicated that he feels as if Jon Stewart is a "Bigot" and that the entertainment industry is "ran by Jews." The unfortunate comments by the former correspondent were mocked by some of his rivals, including MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

Some venture to say that Rick Sanchez could be picked up by Fox News. Of course, as of right now there's no indication that could be the case. However, whenever someone is fired from a big network, there's a buzz over whether or not Fox - the black sheep in the news world - will try to pick them up.

Remember when Lou Dobbs quit? Pretty much everyone thought he was headed to Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. That hasn't transpired as of yet.

While I wouldn't rule out a Sanchez exodus to Fox News, saying that the media empire is ran by Jews and calling Jon Stewart a bigot isn't going to win him any brownie points. At this point, I think it's wait and see, but I can't see Fox News hiring Rick Sanchez any time soon.


  1. I was shocked when I heard that he had been fired over the radio this morning and my mind raced as to what would cause such a swift action. The only thing that came to mind was sexual harrassment. Now, I'm hearing he believes Jew's are bigots? This just doesn't seem like the benevolent spirited guy that was on CNN.

    I really like him and liked his show. He brought a unique perspective to viewers in his show. I know that Jewish people are a minority and have been harshly discriminated against in the not so distant past, and, in some cases, still today. However, I can understand from some people's perspective that Jewish people today are doing quite well - at least in our country whereas other minorities such as hispanics and blacks are far behind economically, etc.

    I think Rick Sanchez made a mistake. I think his choice of words was not appropriate, but I also think that it is sad that CNN would not at least allow him to apologize and give him another chance. He brings a unique perspective and was one of my favorites. Perhaps, instead of shutting him down, it would have been more interesting to have explored why people may have felt the way his words reflected. This could have fostered understanding and hopefully, helped people not be as prejudice against Jewish people, but also acknowledging that there are other minorities that have and continued to endure hardships as well - whether this be African Americans, hispanics, or others.

    I think he should have been allowed to apologize, explore why he said what he said, and keep his job.

    Too bad he doesn't have the luxury of blaming oxycodone like Rush Limball did/does, but Sanchez strikes me as having much more integrity.

  2. Hmmm, Rick Sanchez, Integrity? How about a hit and run homicide back in 1990 with allegations of DUI involved? His recent rant should surprise who?


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