Friday, October 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Stalker: Palin Files Court Order from "Your Magic Enemy"

Sarah Palin's stalker is a teenager who signs the letters that he's been sending the former Alaskan governor "your magic enemy."  The ramblings in the letter that he sends to the 46 year old politician are troubling, at best.  He's even sent a receipt for a gun purchase to her and has requested meetings with her. 

He's threatened to hunt her down at book sightings in Alaska, and even claims to have flown from his Pennsylvania Home to her Alaskan manor to have an affair. 

The stalker claims to try to follow the Bible, but had an 'evilness' inside him. He's allegedly told Palin to "watch your back" as he's purchasing a one-way ticket to Alaska.  He calls Palin "evil' and wants her to tell him "the truth."

Understandably, this is of concern to the mother of 5/politician. Undeniably if you are a political figure there will always be some crazy delusional person out there who will have their issues with you.  Palin has a temporary order, plus a hearing to have a longer order granted by the court.

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  1. Why didn't I get a restraining order? Can I have one? Do I need to apply with the Tea Party, vote for Sharron Angle in the next election, or listen to more garbage from Levi? Where do I apply?

    Will Bristol interview me? Can I get a ride on Todd's snowmobile? Do I have to eat her moose stew? I like pit bulls with lip stick. Will Levi give me an autograph? How do I get a restraining order?

    Thomas Chi
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