Friday, October 1, 2010

Rahm Emanuel Chicago Mayor: White House Chief of Staff Resigns

Rahm Emanuel Chicago Mayor? The White House Chief of Staff, who has long been criticized by pundits on the right is now leaving his post to run for the Mayor of Chicago.  Although it's a questionable move, there are likely many who are more than thrilled to see him go. 

Rahm Emanuel is stepping out just one month before the mid-term election, where it's expected that the GOP will gain seats and could quite possibly gain control of the House, Senate, or both. 

Perhaps Emanuel is bowing out while he's seen as an asset.  Obama relies on his congressional relationships and intensity to keep the government aggressive in their agenda.  Or maybe, Emanuel is looking to something with a more long-term prospect.  The current mayor has served six terms and just announced he's not seeking a second term.  In the best case scenario, with Obama Emanuel would only have six more years in the White House.

Still, winning the Chicago Mayoral race is no sure-bet. There are lots of high powered politicians in the Windy City that would love that job. It will be interesting to see if Rahm Emanuel becomes Chicago mayor.

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