Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Stalker Restraining Order

Sarah Palin Stalker restraining order was issued. A judge in Alaska has granted a 6 month protective order prohibiting Shawn Christy from stalking Sarah Palin or having contact with the former governor or her family.

This is after a temporary 20 day order was issued last month. The young man from Pennsylvania told the former VP hopeful that he was buying a one-way ticket to Alaska and even sent her a receipt for a gun.

Palin told the judge that the ordeal made her fearful that his actions would lead to her injury or death.

Sarah Palin has a propensity to attract fruity people. Back during the presidential election in 2008 her personal email was hacked. The perpetrator, David Kernell, is the son of a state legislator in Tennessee...and a Democratic one at that.

Sarah Palin is also related to Barack Obama, and you can find out here how.

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