Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stephen Broden: Violent Overthrow of Government On The Table?

Stephen Broden: Violent overthrow of government on the table? So who's Stephen Broden? Strangely enough the very person who claims that the government could be overthrown in a violent manner is actually running for public office.

Stephen Broden is a GOP candidate for Congress that is running in a Dallas Texas district. He's a minister with a history of saying controversial things, and the latest is that if there is no GOP takeover in November, then a violent overthrow of our current administration is on the table.

Broden claims that if the government doesn't work hard to protect our liberties, then we should remove them by any means necessary - and that could mean using violence to overthrow the government.

Of course, this could be a little over the top. However, many Americans are growing very tense over what is going on with our current adminstration. Do you agree or disagree with Stephen Broden's ideology?


  1. I agree, FUCK the liberals.

  2. If you think it is 'liberals' who destroyed this country, you are sadly mistaken. there is no such thing as a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. they are all one in the same, and they are all EQUALLY responsible for the mess this country is in. But even worse, is that we the people are also responsible for the state of our union, because we have sat back and let these people rape us of our liberties right before our very eyes without doing a damn thing about it but gripe about it to our families at our dinner tables. That is not where change happens. It happens when we MAKE these people listen to us, because WE should run this country. Not the politicians, not the banks, not the big companies, US.


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