Saturday, October 2, 2010

Syphilis Experiment during 1940's Brings New Apology

A syphilis experiment in which the US infected Guatemalans with syphilis in the 1940's is bringing a new apology. Back in a study in the 40's, researchers infected mental hospital patients in Guatemala with various STDs in order to study inoculation techniques.

In addition, prostitutes were infected and allowed to visit prisoners, who then contracted the STDs. The strange study was performed under the rouse of public health and human safety.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is going to ensure that an investigation is launched to get to the bottom of the experiments, which clearly violate ethics boundaries.

At least one patient died during the time frame of the experiments, but it's uncertain whether or not their death was caused by the experiment or some other cause.

Clearly the syphilis experiments and STD experiments in Guatemala were unethical, but they happened so long ago. Do you see any value in exploring the issue some 64 years after the events occurred?

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