Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck Rallies Similar? Stewart Says Yes

Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck rallies similar? According to Jon Stewart himself, that's the case.  While there are many Stewart/Colbert rally attendants who think that the comedians are poking fun of Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton for their 8/28 rallies - in all actuality they are just borrowing an idea that seemed to inspire America. 

Jon Stewart expressed this by stating" It's not meant to ridicule activism or the Tea Party movement or religious people ... What I thought would be great is if Stephen could be my Al Sharpton, he's going to do a counter-rally."

In addition, Stewart was less compassionate about claims that his rally was started in order to overshadow today's "One Nation" rally.  He says TS to that one, folks.  He adds "We're not warriors in their cause. If they're upset, they should have thought of that the past couple of years, before they lost the momentum they had gained in 2008,"

Ironically, Jon Stewart is respectful of Glenn Beck and even claims to be similar to him.  On the other hand, the Union rally which will take place today - well, he doesn't feel the similarities with them.

What do you think of Jon Stewart saying that his rally and Glenn Beck's rally are similar?


  1. all are copy cats trying to cover up for oboma;s
    economy screw up

    thanks tom

  2. the dailly show vs fake foxnews i rather watch the dailly any munite......

  3. glen beck is an uneducated drug addict. jon stewart finished his degree.

  4. They are both entertainers, not news people, Stewart knows it though.

  5. Beck knows it, too, and has said as much. What is left unsaid is that both Beck's and Stewart's fans seem to often lose track of that little detail.


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