Friday, October 15, 2010

UFO Over New York City 2010

UFO Over New York City 2010 continues to be something that people are all worked up about. Of course, the UFO over New York City 2010 is officially notated as nothing more than mere balloons let go at a tourist event or a teacher's party, depending on which reports you read.

The sighting is the latest in possible extraterrestrial sightings.  There was a UFO over China on September 11 which caused several flights to be diverted from a Chinese airport.  In July, an airport was shut down for hours after mysterious orbs kept surfacing.

Luckily for New Yorkers, the UFO over NYC didn't close down any airports or cause any flights to be diverted. Still yet, there are some people that aren't buying the balloon story.

You see, balloons float along with the wind, and some say that the mysterious balloons were hovering over the air.  The Solar System ambassador went on a news show to discuss the UFO over New York City 2010 so watch his comments and let us know what you think.


  1. But the airports did close down...

  2. They are not balloons, if you see a full length video, they are traveling at a speed about 1000 miles per hour or more. Have you seen a plane fly that high in the sky? Plane travels 400 miles per hour and moves much slower. Balloons float at maybe 30 miles per hour. Balloons also do not go up in down that quickly and change altitudes 3000 - 5000 feet

  3. idiot school teacher.. seriously this seems like a cover up i have seen the videos from moscow and china and now this. those are NOT balloons!! balloons dont emanate light or move at a high rate of speed. she MUST be getting paid some SERIOUS cash to keep hush hush. but for one thing this isnt going away esp. after the prediction from previous NORAD officer stated after oct 13th that we would be seeing a lot more UFO sightings.. there are no coincidences in life.. the gov't has covered it up before and will continue to so so... and will probably end up leading to out demise because of their ignorance like in "the day the earth stood still" i know referencing a movie is kinda dumb but that is exactly how our gov't would handle the situation. it def will not be a nice MIB reference. i dont see the sighting ending i think its just the beginning.. as we ourselves are starting to look deeper into space so apparently are others from other worlds. it only seems natural that they are curious hell we are!! ! as long as it is a non hostile involvement i am down with them coming to hang out..

  4. UFO deniers just don't like the idea of anything greater than themselves.


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