Friday, October 15, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars is starting to wane. If Palin wants to stay on Dancing with the Stars she will need to step it up a bit. The daughter of Sarah Palin has been on the bottom two for the past two weeks and that's something she's got to turn around. If she's on the bottom next week, I am afraid she will go home.

The first week, Bristol Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas did a dance that was rather entertaining. The thing that I notice is that Palin seemed more excited the first week than she does now. It could be because she knows her days are numbered, or it could be because she doesn't like the criticism. Still yet, DWTS is hard...perhaps it's more demanding than she previously thought. After all, she's the mom to a very busy toddler.

In the end of Week 4, it was "The Situation" who went home, after David Hasselhoff, Michael Bolton, and Margaret Cho. Will it be Bristol Palin's turn to head back to Alaska in week 5? Only time will tell. In the meantime here's a video recap of the week 4 elimination.


  1. Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are a beloved dance team and their support group is stronger than ever. Few agree with the judges, as they appear to move the goal post when they judge Bristol Palin. They give her advice, she exceeds it, her technique is nearly flawless and they continue to degrade her performances. Mark has taken a teenager who never danced in public and turned her into a serious competitor. She has imporved, at an astounding rate, every week, and her popularity is growing with her fans. Starting to wane? You may not be watching the same "Dancing With the Stars" that America is watching.

  2. Why is Bristol Palin even considered to be a "star" in the first place? Maybe the show should be renamed "Dancing With the Pseudo-Celebrities."

  3. Why the hell is she still on the show? How much did they pay her mother so she can stay on the show for ratings? Gimme a break? Chick can't dance and she's too fat.

  4. Don't watch the show because it's pretty rigged, as most "reality" shows are. That said, I've heard from a bunch of my friends who are avid watchers that Bristol is not the best and not the worst. Once the worst are eliminated, she's next. Jennifer Grey will win. They haven't been wrong yet, no matter who's in the line up. And no, they aren't all stars. Kate Gosselin wasn't a star and neither are most of the sports people. The show makes stars, or at least temporarily elevates their celebrity status.

  5. 11:46 - "her technique is nearly flawless and they continue to degrade her performances."

    Huh. You must be watching the _other_ second day of "on-air live broadcast" show that Bristol mentioned in her Fargo interview (in my part of the world, ABC broadcasts its weekly series shows just once per week).

    Mark's "technique" is not "flawless" and certainly neither is Bristol's. You reveal your ignorance of dance performance - there's no such thing as "flawless".
    Mark is technically well-trained, a very polished dancer and relaxed performer, so he recovers easily and can catch his little mistakes, like over-rotating a turn. He's actually a bit over-practiced in some of his movement: too much emphasis on hip opposition/isolation and over-dramatic arm throws for a guy. His arms are overly feminine and girlish. It's Hollywood hip-hop technique, not formal classic Ballroom. It's boring to watch, not sexy.
    If I was his instructor, I'd want to see him tighten up and bring it in a little bit; discipline some of that sloppiness. It would be more interesting visually - I believe it would give an impression of contained explosive power just beneath the surface. Very masculine, very sexy.

    Bristol, on the other hand, isn't doing actual technical dance movement, so there isn't any "technique" to be "flawless", nothing there to critique.
    The steps that she's been assigned are very safe with no risk to it; she takes no chances, there's very little to screw up. Mark propels her around and I see nothing that would screw up if she forgot what something. In fact, it looks to me like she didn't have to memorize direction or transition, but just simply follows Mark. She brings nothing.
    He's very skillful at leading. It looks smooth, effortless and without awkwardness. He gets a '10' from me for leading.

    "Degrading her performance"? Wow. I think they are fabulously generous with low expectations. My opinion - the judges desperately look for something to critique, because they're supposed to offer one. But there's nothing to say because she didn't do anything! That's gotta be very hard for the judges. You can't critique if the person refuses to dance.

    Going from one overtly-sexual intimate moment to the next was too much. I think it was a strategy of hot space-fillers to get them through the piece, and it simply failed. It was distracting and uncomfortable.
    The rumba is about sex. It's a series of complicated steps and movements that _represent_ sexual desire and conquest, not a public display of the actual act. High school groping in the boys' locker room acted out on a stage isn't a substitute for dancing the rumba.

    I can only speculate that she didn't have time to learn the rumba and that was what Mark could come up with in the time they had.
    I think they've both embarrassed themselves and I'm sad for them. Mark's compromising a dance career for some kind of weird dysfunctional crush on Bristol Palin. She's costing him credibility in the dance world. Which is not in Wasilla, by the way.

    I don't care why Bristol's here, but if she's gonna do this, she needs to buckle down and act like she wants to. Otherwise, go home.

    Bristol, practice. Learn the steps. Get invested in what you're doing. Try. Give it your best shot and lose the crappy attitude. You've got nothing to lose.

  6. She's preggos, that's why she can't compete. Also consider the fact that she's a very young woman who probably just learned the concept of the 2-step. She has name recognition. She has the fever for $$$. She's collecting on her 15 minutes, and then she's toast (directly after the abortion goes public) .....

  7. From above... Bristol, practice. Learn the steps. Get invested in what you're doing. Try. Give it your best shot and lose the crappy attitude. You've got nothing to lose.

    Very well stated. I feel she is just participating in another Palin stunt. This is not about her learning to dance and having fun. It's about increasing her notoriety, promoting her herself as an abstinence spokesperson, and keeping her mom in the news. Just listen to Palin's recent speeches. She talks more about Bristol and DWTS than any kind of relevant policy issues. So fine. But I'd like to see if she can dance. I watch DWTS because often participants have to break through their own barriers and really work hard to compete. I saw more heart and determination to try in both Cho and Situation. I don't think the above anonymous "Bristol is flawless" commenter does this young girl any favors by rewarding her poor performance. How is she going to grow if regardless of her efforts she is fawned over because of her and her mother's political views. She's got everybody around her telling her she's great and she's disagreeing with the judges saying she knows she learning how to dance. But every show Mark is telling her to stop saying she can't and to stop quitting. She's not all that shy- she's a public speaker. She and Kyle are the same age. Audrina has never danced before either. The excuses are getting old.

  8. I would much rather watch Bristol Palin to see what she has learned and enjoyed watching "the Situation" as he was learning. I find the show will definitely lose its appeal when the bottom ones are gone and it's just going through the steps to crown Jennifer G. Tired of hearing a new ache and pain each week, then do her professional performance. I know people who play doctors on TV can't really practice medicine, however, dancing on TV is not something you can fake. She was a trained dancer. Not much fun seeing her at the top!

  9. How convenient for Sarah Palin that Bristle is on DWTS and Sarah has been doing political speeches all over CA the last 2 weeks. Almost seems planned with ABC's cooperation. A pro palin website Conservatives4palin has an open thread every Monday night where they encourage the commenters to vote from their computers,landlines,cellphones and whatever other computers and phones they can find. Check it out but they are a rabid bunch if you dare say anything about the Palins.

  10. Plain and simple. Bristol cannot dance. Before she started DWTS she indicated this and seemed a bit nervous about it. Anyone who knows about dancing can see that she just cannot dance. On DWTS she is being led, she is not dancing. She also looks confused and unsure of what her next moves are. And, yes, she is too fat and has not lost any weight like most dancers on the show. She really is not qualified to be on the show. This smells of political favor. There are a lot more people who could do better than Bristol.

  11. It's not that she _can't_ dance. Of course she can. She doesn't _want_ to.
    For whatever reason - her publicity coaching, it got attention, it sounds good(?) - she's coming from a position of 'can't' and 'won't', to the point that it's making a mockery of her participation as a cast member of this show.

    This show isn't about having prior dance experience; it's about seeing how good people can get when paired with a pro dancer and given time in the studio.
    It doesn't require that she had dance lessons in the past. It does require that she be interested in the activity and willing to try.
    The enthusiasm is what makes a stupid show watchable. The lack of enthusiasm, constant denigration of dance, protesting too much about not being sexy, on and on, BORING. Not interesting. Save it for the private cable channels with committed audiences.

  12. palin sucks as a dancer, florence henderson was way better. Every week i cannot understand why she is still on there, the show is rigged.... Get Palin off!!!!

  13. Please get rid of Palin. Enough is enough. It is frustrating to watch her week after week stumbling and tripping over herself--while others who actually have improved and are honestly working to improve and learn are sent home. I don't even think that she cares about doing this. I think that this is all a publicity stunt to keep the Palin's in the news. Honestly enough is enough. Let the girl, or make the girl go home.

  14. Bristol Palin needs to be voted off. She has no talent and is mediocre. The south-american dances all have very intricate lag action and she just does not perform these very well if at all. This is a dance show where contestants need to improve weekly,and should not be a vehicle to keep the Palins in the news. Disney and ABC, shame on you.

  15. are you kidding me that she's still on the show? This is the most rigged show I have ever seen. Who is voting for this woman? Please vote based on dancing and not along party lines.

  16. She's on the show because there is a very strong fanbase who phone in every week to vote for her. OK so they are mostly fans of her mom, but they vote for Bristol as seriously as they voted for the regular election--they vote early and often!

    This is a reality show and it doesn't judge who the best dancer is, just who the most favorite is. And when you have an army of fanbots phoning your vote in, you're gonna be a shoe-in. Don't be surprised if she winds up winning this thing.

  17. Juat as with American Idol talent does not matter. DWTS is a bing disappointment. Palin should have been gone and the judges and producers should be ashamed of themselves. It used to be "may the best person win", now its may the most popular person win. What a farse. Just as with Donny Osmond, so goes Bristol, America is clueless when it comes to talent, everything is a joke, unless the jokes on you.
    We take responsibility for nothing, forget the fact that the people who are better than Bristol got let go, I hope everyone remembers that when the less talented at your job becomes your boss, not so funny then is it....


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