Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UFO Sighting in China 2010 at Bautou Airport A Video Confirmation

UFO sighting in China 2010? China’s been pretty active this year, with airports shut down earlier this year over unidentified flying objects. This doesn’t mean that a spaceship was present, just that something was hovering somewhere…but no one could identify it.

The Bautou Airport has been affected, and measures were taken so that no collisions with planes takes place. This is truly something amazing, as there have been seven UFO sightings in China in the past four months.

The Chinese government is understandably quiet about the UFO. However, many are wondering if it is really a “Secret military aircraft” which would make people nervous, I would think.

The UK Telegraph reports that a couple of planes had to circle the airport to avoid the UFO. Many alien and military aficionados are excited about the most recent sighting. Man, I wish there were more sightings near where I live!

What do you think of the UFO sighting in China 2010 at the Bautou Airport?

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