Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christine O’Donnell Ad I’m Not a Witch

Christine O’Donnell ad I’m Not a Witch is making political headlines. The Delaware Senate hopeful is reporting that she, despite claims to the contrary, is not a witch. Bill Maher can be credited for bringing out a video which says she dabbled in witchcraft.

One news commentator compared the “I’m Not a Witch” ad to the “I’m Not a Crook” claims by former President Nixon. Personally, I think the ad shows just how much the Delaware senate race has become a circus. O’Donnell isn’t gaining any political insight from the new ad, as she’s trailing her opponent by a large margin.

Although O’Donnell may not be flying off on her broomstick any time soon, she’s really starting to get the reputation of being a nut. However, she provides much needed entertainment in an otherwise heavily politicized time of year.

What do you think of the Christine O’Donnell ad I’m not a witch?

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