Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[203] Arizona Prop 203 Results [UPDATE]

Arizona's Prop 203 failed, making it yet another marijuana based measure to fail. Jan Brewer, the governor and governor elect of Arizona was against the measure. She won by a landslide, yet the vote failed by just over 6,500 votes.

Every vote counts, people - and this is why!

Passing medical marijuana laws in Arizona would be able to clear up a little bit of the war on drugs in the state which borders Mexico. It would add to the economy, and keep money in the US rather than sending it across the border.

However, it didn't count, and chances are there were a lot of people who wanted it to pass but didn't make it out to vote.

However, Prop 203 failed. Bummer. Another one bites the least in 2010.
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