Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[NY] New York Election Results 2010 [GOVERNOR]

New York Election Results 2010 are available, and Andrew Cuomo won over Carl Paladino and **gasp** the "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party candidate, Jimmy McMillen. Cuomo won with 62% of the votes, and that's pretty much of a landslide when it comes to political races.

Carl Paladino was a bit "out there." He was a Tea Party backed candidate with very conservative views on Abortion and other controversial issues.

Andrew Cuomo seemed to "fit" the New York mold a bit better, and as such will be taking over Albany at the end of the current term. After all, his father, Mario Cuomo, used to be the state's governor so he does come from political backgrounds.

Carl Paladino winning the governor seat would have been a major upset in a traditionally blue state.

What do you think of the New York Election results 2010 for the governor race?


  1. Cuomo comes from a political background....and how is that a good thing? Another slick politician ready to line his own pockets
    Conservative is not a bit "out there"
    It is liberalism that is completely out there! This nation was built on Conservative values, fiscal and social. Spending on special interests or spending your way out of debt is not realistic, that is why liberal states like NY are always in the red with the highest tax burden in the nation. Conservative states like Tx are consistently in the black. Real hope lies in a Conservative path with limited government for the people, not a large government that has power over the people. Liberal elites always believe they know what is best for the masses, whether they like it or not(case in point...Obamacare)

  2. oomfoofoonoo oomfoofoonoo

  3. What is your particular gripe against "Obamacare?" Not that Im a huge fan of the health care law but just tired of people tossing that word out there with nothing to substantiate. Too costly? It is less than is spent now. Any practical idea to cut cost? yes I know national free market competition would work well but that wont happen with big insurance cartels rallying their lobbyists and unlimited/anonymous campaign donations courtesy of Citizens United. Anything else to lower $$$? Tort reform is too tiny a % to make a diff. United Health and their ilk arent going away and will continue to ram it a bit deeper every year whether they have reason or not. choice basically comes down to: are you willing to let uninsured people die in the streets whether it is some 20 year old who cant afford coverage, someone who feels they dont need it and gets in a car wreck, a homeless man chronically ill, etc..will you be the guy to turn them away from the ER if they cant produce an insurance card or cash to pay? Not sure I could and then someones going to pay - ie the tax payer through charity care reimbursement of the hospital. As it stands covering the uninsured before they step into the ER is cheaper than waiting til they get carted in on the stretcher. I'd certainly welcome a real solution but I havent seen any proposals come from GOP nor did they even attempt to work some kind of solution out. Dems for all their faults were at least willing to tackle the problem. Ideally would be consumer pays doc directly for service and hence comes competition and free market forces but that is totally balls up right now and I dont think the big insurance is going away without a fight.

  4. So let me ask this to the first commenter.
    The Louisiana Purchase, in which the US doubled in size and was plunged into debt, and had to use the more liberal Federalist-backed National Bank to pay for, was a bad thing?
    Built on conservative values indeed.

  5. Please, can someone name one thing that Obama and the democrats have done that has not been an improvement, since taking office.
    It's not that I can't think of any, but it's not what anyone is talking about, or even what's been polling about peoples vote. It takes more than 2 years to clean up the mess caused by many years of deregulation and neglect.


  7. It was conservative values that denied women and blacks rights. It was our conservative roots which violently opposed school integration and peaceful war protests. It is our conservative leadership that stood fast and also opposed social security and medicare.Our conservative leadership embraced the modern economic model of dismantling domestic production and outsourcing to 3rd world countries. The common thread here is that "conservatives" have been agaisnst almost all programs that expand the rights of larger groups of people (primarily minorities and the poor) or threaten the gross reach of power and wealth our countries kings and queens. Yes there is royalty here. we just do not call them that. Our biggest obstacle to overcome is the fact that "liberals" are just conservative-lights in our society. Wake up! the only choice is neither. Democrats and Republicans alone do not begin to accurately reflect the values of the constituates. When the Replublicrat political machine is split into many more choices is when the real change we patriotic Americans seek.

  8. I am the 1st commenter. To the 1st responder: In Ny I havent tripped over any bodies in the street that died over lack of healthcare, but I have seen hospitals close their doors because the could not afford to stay in business due to illegals using the ER as primary care. They do not turn anyone away, regardless of ability to pay or not. Real reform would include immigration reform- legalize or deport. They are a huge drain to the system. Real reform would not force citizens to buy into something without a choice. The bill is about control, not healthcare. It will siphon huge profits to the insurance giants and they will lobby Congress to pass more legislation in their favor. The Republicans put out plans but the liberal media did not cover any of it.
    To the second responder: You have to go way back to the Louisiana Purchase to find something good liberals did..The Dems were the conservatives of the day seeking to make Manafest Destiny a reality.
    To the third:
    I don't know of any good done by this regime.. an apology tour for America's greatness, government take over of private industry, basing legislation on a fraud(Cap and Trade...Global warming is fake, its about control of resources, people, based on Carbon Credits trading on paper, a scene ripe for corruption), tax cheats in charge of our money, working to devalue the dollar, a loss of libery for the citizens forced to submit to a government that thinks it knows best, soft on terrorists, etc.
    To the last:
    MLK Sr. was conservative, LBJ during his time in congress stopped civil rights from passing so he could later take credit for it during his presidency, my mother lost her job to outsourcing to Mexico after NAFTA, Cliton's legacy. Conservatives work to ease tax burdens on the working people, liberals vote for extending unemployment benifits. They want a society that looks to the government for entitlments, Conservatives look to help those that help themselves by easing government intrustion into their lives and pockets. The government creates nothing in the economy, private sector creates jobs, opportunities, a way to get ahead. The Dems have been the ones to keep those larger groups of people down by creating the mentality of the maximum amount of entitlement for the least amount of effort in exchange for keeping them in power. Real reform starts with Congressial term limits, do your time then go home and go back to work, not stay in power for decades amassing ever more riches.


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