Thursday, November 4, 2010

[AK] Alaska Election 2010 Results [SENATE]

Alaska election 2010 results show that the "write-in" candidate has the majority of the votes. The "write in" Alaska election 2010 candidate is presumed to be Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent republican Senator.

She was beaten by Joe Miller during the primaries, which was a shocking upset that showed the rest of the country that America is growing tired with the way that Washington currently works. The incumbent disdain is growing strong in a multitude of localities.

Still yet, Joe Miller's campaign was met with a ton of controversy and in the end some of the things revealed during the campaign could have cost him critical votes, despite a resonating endorsement from Sarah Palin.

This is, by far, the most shocking election results. If Murkowski wins as a write-in candidate for the Alaska senate race, it will be one of the only times in history something like that has happened.


  1. "one of the only times in history something like that has happened."

    Really? You couldn't research it extensively enough to find out if it was the ONLY time it has EVER happened? Or, one of the two, six, or 10 times it HAS happened? Talk about throw away hyperbole and a wasted sentence.

  2. 6th grade composition assignment: without conducting any research or using any grammar analyzing software, summarize the senate election results for a state of your choosing state. Extra Credit: States of least national significance.

  3. Married: Research? You mean, if the article said 'this is only the second time in national history and the first time since a 1913 mayoral election in Saskwatch, Kansas.." that THEN you'd be a believer?
    Anonymous: Snively, self-righteous twaddle. Shame on you.

  4. "One of the only times...?

    What in the world does that mean?

  5. It would be only the SECOND time in history. The first was in 1954, when Strom Thurmond won in S.Car. There was another time in 1946 in California, but in that case ALL the candidates were write-ins so its kind of a given that a write-in would win. Hope this helps.


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