Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[ANGLE] Nevada Election Results 2010

Nevada election results 2010 showcase a gracious Angle conceding to the incumbent Senate Majority leader. She said that in Nevada, they know how to "win" and they know how to "lose." The margin was just too wide between her results and those of Harry Reid.  Instead of making the Nevada election results in to a big controversy like the 2004 presidential race in Florida, Angle bowed out graciously. 

That says a lot about the GOP. 

Rory Reid lost the bid for the gubernatorial race. Rory is the son of Harry Reid.

For the most part, Harry Reid does not have a favorable image in the state of Nevada.  However, Angle is seen as a bit extreme. She is staunchly against the unemployment extensions, despite being from a state that has the highest rate of unemployment in the country. 

So while to some it's a shocker that Harry Reid was re-elected in Nevada, to me it's not.  However, I have a strong feeling that even in the wake of Reid's Favorable Nevada election results 2010, things will still change in Washington.

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