Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wisconsin Exit Polls 2010

Wisconsin Exit Polls 2010 showcase a Ron Johnson victory over Russ Feingold.  The Tea Party backed candidate was successful in beating the incumbent, showcasing that the people in Wisconsin are ready for the "change" they signed up for in 2008. 

Many thought that Johnson would walk away in defeat, but that did not happen.  This was a tough race, and one that was watched by the entire US. 

In addition, the GOP has won the gubernatorial race as well, as Scott Walker has become the next governor elect of the state. 

The people of Wisconsin are tired of "politics as usual" in Washington.  The hope is that the elected officials will think of their constituents in Wisconsin and do their bidding up on Capital Hill. 

What do you think of the Wisconsin Exit Polls 2010?

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