Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars 2010 Champion?

Dancing with the Stars 2010 concludes tonight, and Bristol Palin has been a real trooper.  Going in to the season, we thought Bristol Palin, the eldest of Sarah Palin's 3 daughters, would be eliminated within the first few weeks.  What has ensued is a huge controversy and that shouldn't at all surprise us all that much.

Sarah Palin is synonymous with the Tea Party crew. There's a conspiracy theory that somehow, the Tea Party wants to hijack the results of Dancing with the Stars 2010 and make sure that Palin is the winner, although she's far from the best dancer left.

Out of the three left, in all actuality if you go by fairness in the level of improvement and the level of prior experience, it's Kyle Massey who should win. He's not a professional dancer like Jennifer Grey and he doesn't have the political clout of Bristol Palin. Even though she's the underdog, she's obviously got something on her side working hard.

Palin's score last night was a 52/60.  Kyle Massey got a 56/60 and Jennifer Grey a perfect 60/60.  Therefore, once again, Palin was on the bottom of the group - but will she finish on top?

It's been a rough ride for Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars 2010, but it all ends tonight during the season finale.


  1. I have always enjoyed this show, because I myself love dancing. This might be my last season watching because of the major disappointments. It is no longer as to who the best dancer is, but like everything else, it has become very political. Yes, Bristol Paylin, has improved in her dancing, but she is far away from being a good dancer and she should not be in the finals at all. Her mother has had too much to do with this and her "Alaskian" buddies. I truly feel bad for the good dancer that will not see what they deserve. Bristol, sure does not deserve to win at all. After this season I believe I will stop watching this show, as so many of my friends have indicated the same feelings. I think the judges should make the final decision...THE BEST DANCING COUPLE.... Isn't that what this show is about. Very disappointed.

  2. you can always the watch these videos here dancing with the stars winner 2010 ahh you don't need to say thank you. ;-)


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