Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Could "Don't Touch My Junk" Change TSA Screenings For Good?

"Don't Touch My Junk" is the famous phrase that many Americans are using during TSA screenings these days.  Many airports around the country have full body scanners in place.  Either because of radiation concerns, or because of fears that someone will look at you in an almost naked stance many Americans are bypassing the scanners in turn for a pat down...

Only the pat down could be construed as a semi-sexual assault.  This is what John Tyner, a 31 year old software engineer, noted and said to one TSA Agent - if you touch my junk, I will have you arrested.

There are people for the pat downs, claiming that they will help us identify potential security threats.  However, what it's identifying is a lot of embarrassing situations.  For instance, one flight attendant going through the security screening had to show her breast prothesis.  A man with a medical condition was soaked in his own urine when a TSA Agent broke the seal on the medical device that was collecting his urine.

In Israel, profiling is used in security.  Many say that profiling would be a great way to combat the TSA screenings today.  However, some say that profiling goes against rights in the US. Of course, others push back and argue that our rights are also violated by the invasive pat downs and body scanners.

So could "Don't touch my junk" change TSA screenings for good? Let's hope so. How to properly combat airport security, however, remains a big question mark.

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