Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[CA] 'Prop 19 Results'

Prop 19 results are available, and the controversial ballot measure failed. Prop 19 results were expected by the general public to be easy to pass, but the opposition was stronger than the support. Early field polls showed that Prop 19 results would be disappointing to supporters, but I guess in a sense we never saw it coming.

After all, there's a lot of people out there who use marijuana and there's a lot of people who say it's actually less harmful than alcohol. Could marijuana legalization be the end of this generation's prohibition?

The key to legalizing pot - through prop 19 or through any results for that matter - is finding a way to tax it. Figuring out a way for the government to make millions of dollars on its legalization is key to it passing.

So although the 'Prop 19 results' this time was disappointing, the future could end up being bright.


  1. Many potsmokers live in a smoky bubble where they can't see the reality that intoxicants of any kind are a problem and a burden to society, even if some people do use them responsibly.

    Alcohol causes billions of dollars a year in damage, and even high alcohol taxes dont make up for the public costs. Why would Californians want another dangerous intoxicant legalized and harming California in just the same way?

    Fortunately, pot advocates proved to be just a vocal minority, and most Californians voted with common sense.

  2. I don't agree that many potsmokers "live in a smoky bubble". Many have choosen what they feel is a safer option than alcohol and want to stop be labelled a criminal for doing so.

    Secondly, people smoke marijuana now and use has largely remained constant of the past decade or two. Use may go up slightly with legalization, but the majority of the social "ills" present with its use are already here. Because of our current policy, we have ZERO tax coming in to counter the public costs.

    Your argument has validity, but it is compromised by the fact prohibition isn't stopping use.

  3. I choose to smoke over drinking alcohol, because alcohol makes me feel stupid. Ironic isn't it, marijuana doesn't make people stupid. stupid people do stupid things whether it's on weed or alcohol or prescriptions. Tax it and let the people choose.

    Prohibition never works!

  4. Just goes to show that most people are obviuosly idiots... Why? They'd rather have us pot smokers buy our weed illegally and support the black market... Well, it is what it is... Gov't by stupid people ends up being stupid gov't... I'm gonna go burn one!

  5. Marijuana has other uses besides getting stoned!! It has been used in the making of paper,rope, and yes OIL!!Lobbyist where hired by the oil companies to go to the government,and convince the government that Marijuana was the evil weed.Can you visualize what would become of the oil industry, if oil was to be extracted from the seed, and the byproduct used as organic fertilizer!! Think about it!!

  6. Go away potheads. Nobody cares what you have to say.


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