Saturday, November 13, 2010

California's Proposition 19 Fails, As Pot Legalization Thwarted [PROP 19]

California's Proposition 19 Fails, As Pot Legalization Thwarted [PROP 19] Weeks after the election, Prop 19 is still the talk of the nation. Advocates of Prop 19 aren't going to give up now that it has been defeated. Instead, the bill will likely go through some revisions, ironing out some of the weaknesses identified during this legislative process.

For instance, one weakness was that it was municipalities and not the state that was charged with the responsibility of setting taxes on marijuana, which could lead to price wars. Furthermore there is currently no way to easily test if someone is under the influence of marijuana - sort of like the breathalyzer test.

There's almost no doubt in my mind that Prop 19 will be brought back onto the ballot in California during the 2012 elections, and perhaps even in other states as well. Legalizing and taxing pot is really one way that states can pad their budgets.

And considering that Proposition 19 got more votes in California than Meg Whitman, maybe some could venture to say that Californian's would rather have marijuana legalized than have another Republican governor?


  1. Sorry all you Smokers, Reason Prop 19 received more No votes is because they were intimidated by Us attorney general Eric Holder. All i can say is to the people that are scared of him, Wake up and show him he is not the boss of "WE THE PEOPLE" and his federal law is to become changed in the near future, Whats he going to do arrest everyone that smokes cannabis, People stop allowing the Federal government controlling you. Its time to show who is the boss.... Smoke in peace everyone....


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