Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colorado Election Results 2010 [CERTIFIED]

Colorado election results 2010 are CERTIFIED and it's Michael Bennet, the incumbent, who won. It was a tough race, and the most expensive Senate race with $30 million in outside funds sent to pump up the chances that each party's respective candidate makes it to Washington.

The Colorado Senate race was one of those closely watched races. Ken Buck posed a significant threat to Michael Bennet's bid as well. It was a very close race, and one that was watched throughout the country. You See, the Senate has lost many Democratic seats, although they have retained a slight majority. Seats in Arkansas, Illinois, and Kentucky among other states turned to the GOP.

The House of Representatives flipped Red after anti-incumbent sentiments caused many representatives to fail renomination. Both speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were re-elected, although it's not certain if Pelosi will continue to serve.

What are your thoughts on the Colorado election results 2010?


  1. whooo hoo ! go bennet!

  2. I think Buck should demand a recount!

  3. I agree on taking a recount!

  4. My thoughts are that the Women of Colorada are pretty ignorant and as usual vote for 'the pretty boy'

  5. Um, I'm pretty sure women voted against Buck because he's a misogynistic, chauvinistic, jerk-wad... not cause Bennett is "pretty".

    I'm guessing you don't have a wife or daughter.... otherwise you'd never have given your vote to someone who hates women so much.

  6. Many white males who cast their vote for Ken Buck are as biggoted as he is! It wasn't only the "high heels" comment, it was his incorrect assertion that sexual orientation is a choice. (Like I had a choice to be born male)? Genetic science is PROVING that you ARE born with the propensity to be either gay or straight! It's the evangelical church who refuses to admit that our Lord could or would make a mistake (if you want to call it that), like that! Thankfully, the women of Colorado (I'm a straight white male) spared our state the appointment of this overzealous prosecutor creep! Women are more concerned about other issues; especially their families, then about big business, which explains why they tend to vote democratic. As a populist, who cares more about other people than profits, I understand their needs and concerns. You other hard headed, predominantly over 35 white males really need to GET A CLUE!

  7. OMG! emotional MEN you are. Straight? No liberal is straight. You are all twisted.

    As a WOMAN, I have no problem using whatever TOOL is available to bury liberal garbage in this country. IT IS BUSINESS> you two are the first in line to insult Sarah Palin. You are hypocrits and can have that obnoxious brain dead twit...Pelosi that has nothing new to utter beyond her Marxist droning pig headed condescending elitis badgering. THE CROW


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