Thursday, November 4, 2010

Illinois Governor Race 2010 Results

Illinois Governor Race 2010 Results. Senator Elect Mark Kirk of Illinois trekked through a nasty Illinois senate race and came out the winner, turning the Illinois Senate seat from a Democrat seat to one held by the GOP. He makes Illinois among the states that enjoyed a turnover from the Democrat party to the Republican party in the Senate

The race was dirty, even by Illinois standards. Still yet, the people of Illinois are growing tired with the corrupt politics of the state. Former Senator Obama's seat is involved in a scandal which combines some of the state's most notable politicians, such as Jesse Jackson Jr and former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

So who will be the next governor? There's still a strong race and it's not been called yet. Incumbent governor Pat Quinn is up against Bill Brady who isn't backing down until all votes are counted.

This could be one of the recounts should it be decided by a very small margin. Per CNN, the two are at a dead tie with both 46% of the votes. Click here for updates from CNN.

What do you think about the Illinois Governor race 2010?


  1. It is not a dead tie... Quinn is ahead by 19,000 votes with another 15,000 absentee votes still to be counted which mostly are coming in from cook county which Quinn is favored 4:1 over Brady. The republican party in illinois is pressuring Brady to concede by the end of the week so state government can move-on. The numbers just aren't there for Brady.

  2. Illinois is not a blue state, only a blue county...only 3 counties out of 102 actually chose Quinn over Brady, and one of those was only by 120 votes.... You know if you take away 3% of the votes in Cook county which were likely cast by non-citizens, and send all of the out of state military voters their ballots on time, it would probably come out differently...hmmmmm.....

  3. As a resident of central Illinois, I agree that the Chicago area basically picks the winners every time. I am a registered independent that typically votes for democrats, but I voted for Brady (along with most of the residents outside Chicago which mostly lean republican even around the U of I where I reside) because Quinn has been absolutely terrible for our public schools! Brady, while I certainly don't agree with everything he stands for, at least wants to cut admin instead of teachers, and is in favor of school vouchers which have proven to work for improving education standards in several major US cities (including Chicago) and numerous other countries. I would be thrilled if Quinn kept office and adopted those education policies along with the rest of his platform, but that wasn't the case before and he will likely make further cuts in school spending which seems a hard departure from the national Democratic agenda.

  4. More people live in Chicago; Chicago gets more votes. Welcome to democracy I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Anonymous: I am a registered independent
    And just what state is that? I am registered to vote in Illinois--end of story. I am not registered as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Nobody has ever asked me or required me to state a party. If you are a registered independent, it must be somewhere else.


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