Saturday, November 13, 2010

Colton Harris-Moore 'Barefoot Bandit' CBS Documentary

Colton Harris-Moore 'Barefoot Bandit' CBS Documentary. Colton Harris-Moore is aka the "Barefoot Bandit" who is an international criminal who gained notoriety for stealing planes and going on an international crime spree.

The criminal got his name from the big chalk outline of footprints he'd leave behind at places where he committed crimes.

Homeowners would come to

Perhaps the most notorious thing about the Barefoot Bandit was that he was able to fly a plane. The story goes that he learned how to fly using a DVD titled "How to fly a small aircraft."

The international crime spree abruptly ended in the Caribbean, where he was arrested this summer. Back in the US, the Barefoot Bandit has been indicted by a federal grand jury for his two year crime spree.

He's being pitched TV and movie deals - so perhaps in the end he will come out ahead? Who knows. What is known is that he committed 80 crimes across nine states, the Bahamas, and British Colombia

If you watched the Colton Harris-Moore documentary on the 'Barefoot Bandit' 48 Hours mystery CBS documentary, let us know what you thought.


  1. He has a father fracture, which is the deepest wound a human (especially a young male) can endure. This young man has brilliance gone wrong. If he could harness his intellegience and courage and use it for good he would be a tremendous asset to mankind. He's a diamond in the rough. He just needs prayer, help, and love.

  2. It is true that he(Colton Harris-Moore) is gay?

  3. Study Criminal Justice to solve crimes like these. Stop just reading the news and take action and be part of the solution


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