Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amy Erin Blakely Fired Because Big Breasts: Gender Discrimination

Amy-Erin Blakely Fired Because Big Breasts: Gender Discrimination. Remember the girl who was "too hot" for Citibank? Well, Amy Erin Blakely said she was fired for her "big breasts", and, as such, has filed a gender discrimination suit against her former employer.
Do her claims have any merit, or is another instance of a disgruntled employee lashing out?

Her're going to love this...Gloria Allred. The same Gloria Allred that represented Meg Whitman's maid, and also several of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses. And Deborahlee Lorenzana, the "too hot for Citibank" woman.

Blakely managed about 900 employees at a mental health organization that also provided adoptive and foster services. In the suit she claims she was fired not because of lacking performance, but because of her breasts. She also claims she was told to "hide" them as well.

What do you think about this? Is it opportunistic, or do you believe that Amy-Erin Blakely was really fired because of her big breasts?


  1. Two hags and one gi-nor-mous set of fun bags... go figure!

  2. If she oversaw 900 employees, then someone at the firm felt she had professional capabilities at some point in time. You do not ascend to that level of responsibility if you have a history of poor performance.

  3. Too hot? There's got to be a more illustrative photo that this one to back up that claim. If this is the best they've got, she's got no case.

  4. Put her through an airport scanner to check this ridiculous claim. She's a skank

  5. she only looks hot because of her dog lawyer... Seriously, not that hot, hard to tell on the breasts, I smell a get rich quick, hope for a settlement ploy here. the judge is likely geting a kickback too.

  6. With Gloria Allred at her side? Gloria Allred? Gloria Allred?

    Nothing going on here, folks, keep moving. Just keep strolling on by.

  7. I am amazed at the callous negative judgment of this woman's beauty based on the photo accompanying this story. She is clearly very attractive and I suspect that to those who know her she has a natural magnetism that exceeds that discernible by you through this single photographic image. I imagine that you are pondering altered images shot for titillation as the baseline for your absurd comments. You are mean!

    I am no fan of Gloria Allred but considering her demographics and line of work she is beautiful.

    Do you care about beauty? See it when it is there!



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