Friday, November 5, 2010

[CT] Connecticut Elections 2010 Results [GOVERNOR]

Connecticut Elections 2010 results are not available for the governor race, with such a close race not taking place since 1954. The Democrat candidate, Dan Malloy, leads over the GOP challenger Tom Foley, despite Foley having a narrow lead early on.

Election results from one area show that Malloy would have a 5,000 vote lead state wide, but could turn into a political circus.

Wait. I meant to say this IS turning in to a political circus.

As Malloy and Foley play cat and mouse, neither one is standing down. One of the state's largest cities ran out of ballots because they didn't expect a big turnout. Votes were then cast after polls were closed.

All that being said, citizens are worried that Connecticut is turning in to Florida.

It could be a while before we find out who won the Connecticut election results 2010.


  1. with the democrat records on close races, and with the secretary of state been a democrat, it is easy to figure out who will be declared the winner.
    As a matter of fact on 11/3/ she declared Malloy the ""Unofficial winner"", before all the votes had been counted.


  2. Foley would be a terrible governor anyway... everything that has been said about him being a exploitive buyout financier is true... nobody knows who they are electing anymore...

  3. So ridiculous...Malloy won and Foley is pouting....

  4. Only the idiots of Connecticut could vote Richard Blumenthal as US senate..


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