Friday, November 5, 2010

DREAM Act 2010 Status

Dream Act 2010 status.  One of the things many are concerned about in the wake of the mid-term elections is the Dream Act 2010 status.  After all, the GOP has taken control of the House and has made significant gains in the Senate. 

Mark Kirk, a republican, will actually return to the Senate with everyone else later this month. He won President Obama's former seat in Illinois' election. 

The DREAM act needs some Republican backing to pass in the Senate.  It would provide a legal way of becoming a citizen for some students an military members who were otherwise undocumented. 

Generally speaking, the GOP is against the DREAM Act. Kirk will replace a reliable Democrat in the Senate, and therefore Reid may have a harder time passing the DREAM Act during the lame duck. 

Even if the act does go through the Senate, it must also pass the House. With GOP majorities coming in this January, the Dream Act could very well be a moot issue. 

What are your thoughts on the DREAM act 2010 status? Do you think it will pass during the Lame Duck session?


  1. NO, but I think it should. Last I checked, it wasn't a crime to get an education. This is just anther way to keep immigrants oppressed.

  2. 1)This is politics

    2)xenophobia is running rampant

    3)if you actually read the Dream Act and quit blindly saying "free ride" or "backdoor amnesty"'d actually see that there is some logic to it. You've got potential entrepreneurs and business owners to stick put right here in the U.S., and...wait for it...wait for it...GIVE JOBS to "Joe 6-pack."

    So with those 3 points...and the fact that most who would benefit are not of Western European descent..

    it's screwed.

    the sweet irony is that the parents of these children who are, basically american if you never knew their status to begin with, will continue to raise the kids and clean the homes of GOP politicians...the very ones that don't give a shit about their kids.

    hmmm, delicious.

  3. It should pass, there is so muchh potential to be tapped into if it were to pass, how can a child raised in a country to be an american be an immigrant if these kids speak fluent english gradtuate, and still the act requires them to further their education or serve in the military. How much more American can you get? All they want is to excersise a career and become law abiding citizens like the rest of us, why should we have the right to deny the "dreams" their parents risked their lives for, and they (the kids) constantly worked to uphold? Just so they could hit high school graduation and realize it was all for nothing? People need to realize that all their whining about immigration will go nowhere if this act dosent pass...think about it, if these kids are never afforded a pathway to legalization, they're going to have kids and until then what you really have is a ready supply of home-grown immigrants for cheap labor...only they can serve for more than just cooks and house cleaners.

  4. Hopefully it pases for the sake of so many talented indivuduals that hit a huge brick wall when they graduate from Univerisity and can't land the job they deserve.

    It's really painful seeing that even though we're in the 21st Century people refuse to let students reach they full potential, which by denying it, they also lose.

    PASS the DREAM Act 2010

  5. Pass the Dream ACT...

    Please, The republicans must vote YES to the Dream Act.

  6. Taxpayers are tired of paying for illegals. We were forced to provide K-12 by the supreme court. Now we have a say in providing more and we say NO. Enough is Enough.

    Univision, the Catholic Church and others believe it is the right of illegals to get a college education. They should band together and provide scholarships for all they think should have them. While the illegals are getting their college degrees they should study the language of their home country. Then upon gradution they can return to their homeland and make those countries a better place. That would really benefit the world.

  7. No, Anonymous, You were not forced to pay for anything. It is the Law! Children must go to school.I hope you too benefit the world. This being your home country I'm assuming. You don't provide ANYTHING. Nothing. These individuals graduated on their own and have won their merits on their own with their hard work and hard earned money.They DESERVE to get an opportunity to continue their lives and better themselves before they can better the world we all live in, including yourself. I hope and pray the Dream Act passes!

  8. DREAM Act is actually a sensible bill that I support. Many may not know that most illegals who will benefit from this had either graduated high school, or with proper degrees in universities. If they were deported, their country will benefit the American education that we paid with our taxes. However, if they were given a chance to be legalize, they will then be required to pay taxes and use their education in this country where it belongs, so why not just let them? It's a win-win in along run. It just makes sense to me.

  9. Please pass it & make dreams come true...

  10. It will pass this time. The Republicans want the Latino vote and this will be away to attract Latinos to the Republican Party. The Dream Act will be the Republicans immigration reform.

  11. LISEN lets make this simple i HAVE NO DOG IN THIS FIGHT unlike other people in this comment page I am a Canadian the other people posting are either an ileagle or an American I can see the problem from the outside the americans are mad that the illegals snuck into there country breaking there laws they come to get jobs jobs that americans used to have the big lie that thay do jobs that americans wont is not true most of the jobs are being stole by illegals that graduate from college with a student visa and they dont go back home like they said they would another big lie is that illegals dont get welfare how about Obama aunt she came from Kenya ileagle at the age of 67 she got section 8 all he bills are paid for her she racked up 87,000dollars in medical bills in one year goggle it yourself and so she would have some spending cash she was put on social security disability if I was an American I would be mad as hell ssi is for americans who paid into the ssi system now you hear how they are running out of money I can see the anger now all of a sudden she gets a green card in the mail and if I was an American who was out of work or had a friend who was out of work I would be furious - the exact amount of money California is in debt is the amount that it spends on illegals and not one of you have figured it out yet but I saw what happened during this election and now it will be to late the illegals have now increased there population to the point where they now control your state and illegals do vote and if they are working in the USA they are also stealing someones social security number a felony it must be nice to have to only follow the laws that you like or dont agree with --and I can see it from the illegals point of view they are mad that there nabor country has more stuff then their country so they snuck into the new country and want to get as much stuff as possible as fast as possible and you cant blame them because America is so stupid it lets this go on the politicians will never do any thing to stop it they may say they will just to get votes but they never will because the republicans love the slave like labor for dirt low wages for big business and the Dem's love the votes note how after the election you have not herd one word about how the republicans were going to stop the illegals you can here a pin drop not one word as more and more come into the country to live the Mexican dream the American dream is long gone just ask California

  12. hahaha the Canadian is funny too bad he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  13. & in order to vote you need a ssn in which they actually check your background. What do you think? America is not stupid that is basically saying a lion could vote. You are a disgrace to our society get the hell out of here and PLEASE learn how to spell... seriously.

  14. Support the DREAM Act. Please call your local senators and urge them to vote YES on this legislation.

  15. i'm tired of people saying they're "tired of paying taxes" for illegals. do they not believe that illegals pay taxes too? and if your issue is that we can't speak English properly or spell properly, then you've got a whole lot of reality check to do. A lot of us are not people who "snuck in" the US. Some of us came here LEGALLY but got screwed over by American lawyers causing an undocumented status. Some of us came here planning on abiding by the rules, filing the necessary paperwork, spending tens of thousands of dollars that we earned honestly to do so, and still end up in this position. It's wrong to generalize that all illegal are the same bunch of cheating people. We have good intentions for this country and we can help A LOT. all we want is a future, just like anyone else does. missing a signature on one piece of documentation shouldn't stop us from achieving such a life.

    Pass the DREAM Act. student immigrants have worked and studied so hard to better their future as well as the future of this country. all we ask for is a chance to do so

  16. I'm 22, came in with a visa when i was little, it expired, my parents left me and ever since I've been supporting myself. I pay taxes, work 3 jobs 7 days a week bartendending and serving people at restaurants, pay cash for my collage, I have no criminal record. My grandpa(who's like my dad) is sick and cant travel as much anymore so i barely see him,and I cant even accept all these job offers because I dont have a piece of paper with 9 digits that allow me to work legally. Im not angel but why a person like shouldnt be able to have an oppurtunity like the dream act? I know with the help of God sometime soon the republicans will help our community by supporting the reform/or the dream act.

  17. pass the dream act!!

  18. ive been living here since the age of 9 my mom brought us in illegally and now that in 20 im seeing reality... its dissappointing knowing that even when you tried your hardest to be a GOOD student it all falls apart when you are about to become a college student. I HAVE 4 brothers that are AMERICANS BY BIRTH that i wish they could see me as a ROLE MODEL. i wish they could look up at what i do... (i would be the FIRST one in my family to get a college education if i were to be legal) but for being illegal i have to work my ass off trying to make some money to at least attend a community college... i HOPE that this time, OUR DREAM COMES TRUE WITH THE HELP OF OUR SENATORS...

  19. Pass the DREAM ACT for these children, they are not responsible for being here illegally.I'm paying taxes too like every body else, but I don't mind as long as it is for the children.

  20. I support the Dream Act and hope and pray it passes. Children that came over illegally had no say in the matter and many know nothing different that being an American. I urge everyone to contact their State Senate and support passing this act. Allow these people a fair chance.

  21. I support the Dream ACT 100%

    and this is coming from a Republican.

    Since when do we hold the kids responsible for the mistake of their parents?? These kids need a chance to become citizens in this great country.

  22. The Canadian guy is freaking retarded. So many wrong and ignorant things in his statement.
    Basically both parties support the Dream Act, in the past many Republicans like John McCain have voter for it, but this time since Democrats are the ones proposing the bill Republicans will just say no since that is all they do.

    Republicans have become the NO! party. They just say no and never propose an alternative.

    We need real Politicians who actually read the bills proposed and debate on whether or not a bill should pass.

    Regardless, this bill seems to be reasonable.
    So as a sane person, I support the dream act.

  23. MR.CANADA STFU and go talk about things in your country!

  24. I'm just fed up with all this political mumbo jumbo, they are just putting kids hopes up to no avail. You know those people in government are just bringing up the dream act to get the Hispanic vote, and yes I'm tired of hit, we do hit a wall and then after we hit the wall we fall into the grand canon and after all of that what was the point of going trough all that school and higher education if the only thing I can do is go pick up some lettuce! They say that the majority of Hispanics students don't attend college, have they ever stop and thought about it as to why, maybe its because most of them are immigrants and don't see the sense of wasting all that money in college to not be able to use their degree. I couldn't decide at the age of 9 to stay or come to the U.S. but you people in the house and senate can decide for us whether we are able to use our degree as they are meant to be used or just a decoration at ours moms house.

  25. if you are mad at your situation then blame your parents they broke the law dont blame the senators or America it was your parents your parents your parents fault and now that you know you are also a law breaker its also now your fault take some responsibly for once

  26. I'm 18 yrs old, i plan on getting my B.A. than going to OCS to become an officer in the USMC... but i can't because i'm missing 9 numbers. Kids my age that actually have those 9 numbers and have the opportunity to serve their country or at least study, CHOSE not to do neither... in my eyes this makes no sense. Take their 9 numbers away and let someone more useful use them. Like me.

  27. "Kids my age that actually have those 9 numbers and have the opportunity to serve their country or at least study, CHOSE not to do neither... in my eyes this makes no sense. Take their 9 numbers away and let someone more useful use them. Like me. "


    As for the Canadian,this person said so him/herself,you are a foreigner. Therefore you probably(and I'm just adding the 'probably' to be nice)do not understand the U.S. laws since you do not live here. So please...shut the hell up. You really make no sense, I had a headache reading what you had to say not only because you didn't know what you were talking about but also because everything you typed was so grammatically incorrect! Ugh!

    In my opinion, almost all the American who make racist remarks about Hispanics and the dream act have not even bothered to look at the Dream Act. They just here "Undocumented Latino student" and "Path to citizenship" and BAM! 'oh hell no,these beaners ain't gonna infect my country'. Seriously haven't you stopped to read that they are students, they want to better themselves,they NEVER HAD A CHOICE. Unlike most Americans who do have a choice and do not pursue an education.

    And just a couple of facts for all these blind ignorants =):
    1)You need an Social security number(SSN) to obtain any help from the government such as welfare,foodstamps, Section 8,etc
    2)Undocumented immigrants cannot obtain an SSN therefore they cannot obtain any kind of free money from the government
    3)Loans...have to paid back(DUH!). But the majority require an SSN which immigrants do not have.
    4)IMMIGRANTS WHETHER LEGAL OR NOT PAY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem...they do. They do it with a number called an ITIN(Individual Tax Payer Identification Number),this number is used for tax purposes only,it cannot be used to work. And yes Illegal immigrants use it,it is a fact.

    Anyway many of these students who never had a say, do not have a home in their birth countries,so what they should live on the streets? Many of these students speak English better than their country's official language.

    PLEASE PLEASE more racism. No more ignorance. No more oppression. The Dream Act is absolutely fair and must pass!

  28. YES!!!!! FINALLY someone with some sense! are totally right. And the one thing I guess that kills me the most is that people LOVE to assume that immigrants do not pay This country is anything but stupid. They won't give immigrants the right to work legally but they expect them to pay taxes still. They need to pass the Dream Act. It's just getting ridiculous now.

    And seriously, Mr./Ms. Canada. I might not be a citizen, but I at least live here in the U.S. I can actually see it from both ends. You live all the way in Canada...why are you even on this post? And I totally agree, you need to seriously learn how to spell...and please use a period. *sigh* And next time when you comment on one of these posts, because I know you will, take the time to educate yourself about what is actually going on.

    Mr./Ms. Canada wrote:

    "I can see the problem from the outside the americans are mad that the illegals snuck into there country breaking there laws they come to get jobs jobs that americans used to have the big lie that thay do jobs that americans wont is not true most of the jobs are being stole by illegals that graduate from college with a student visa
    and they dont go back home like they said they would"

    First off, I just HAD to copy and paste it the exact same way you wrote it, to illustrate how ignorant you sound.

    Second off, you have absolutely NO clue what you're talking about. When was the last time you saw an American just itchin' to get a job as a housekeeper? Seriously? Or TRYING to get a job as a grass-cutter? You know what it is? Immigrants make a way out of no way! I will not generalize and say ALL Americans, but a good portion of Americans will not settle for low wages. An immigrant however, will because they have no choice. An American could (but probably won't) do the same job as an immigrant and expect to get paid WAAAAAAAY more. So to say that we came to STEAL those jobs is a lie. Those jobs have always been there. Why is it that you mostly see immigrant women as the maid? Is it because she stole "Sally's" job? No. Sally didn't want that job to begin with. Sally was too good for it. If anything, Americans should be extremely happy that we're here doing jobs that we should be getting paid more for...but since we have no choice, we'll do them. My mom used to clean this really rich guy's house when myself and my brother and sisters were little. We used to go and help her clean the house...He told her, "They can help, but I'm not paying you more." Huh. Of course, win/win for him. THAT is the reality of the situation.

    Thirdly, not all immigrants are from South America or Mexico! I was actually born in the EUROPE! From my understanding, we were living pretty well over there. The only reason we came to America is because my dad is a pastor and he felt the Lord tell him to come to America to preach the gospel. And he's been doing just that. Preaching the Word of God. NOT breaking laws. And another thing, we came here on a plane! And before we stayed here to live, we had traveled here plenty of times.

    And finally, you're a freaking idiot if you assume all immigrants break laws. The DREAM ACT says you HAVE to go to school and/or join the military in order to become a citizen. They do background checks people!!! Can you tell me what person who has lived a life of continuous crime can actually have time to even pick up a math/reading book and study? Chances are, you probably dropped out of high school a long time ago. Let's think here, people. Due credit to where credit is due.

  29. I believe that it should absolutely be passed. It is helping young adults dreams come true. There are many people who just say no simply because the people we are talking about are illegal immigrants, not all illegal immigrants are criminals and many of them will end up making something out of their lives. Unlike a general immigration reform, there are stipulations to who can gain legalized status, such as they MUST graduate from highschool and or go to university or the military. I see no harm in this whatsoever, it will help America in the long run.

  30. I agree with one of the comments above, not all illegal immigrants are from mexico. I actually know many immigrants from Europe. I think these young people deserve a chance to make something out of their lives. Were a country of opportunity, so lets give it to them.

  31. I was brought to this country when I was 9 finished 3 - 12 grade and now in college paying with my own money. I do pay taxes but can't get a good job because of the social security number. I feel American this is the only country I would live in. I would die for this country. I hate it when people say who cares they are illegals and we are a problem tell me how would you feel if you were deported to a country you don't know in my case Mexico I don't even know how to write Spanish and berly speak it right what would I do? Would I be in the streets.....hope the dream act passes so my dream comes true

  32. The illegal parents were thieves. Everything they have achieved has been on the backs of the American taxpayer. The law was clear - the taxpayer had to provide the education for the children of thieves. The taxpayer did what was required by law. The children by law were to leave when they turned 18. Now the children of the thieves have become thieves themselves demanding more and more of the American taxpayer. How horrible is that.

  33. This so called "Dream Act" is only a dream for illegals. In reality it would throw the doors of this country wide open to the hispanic insurgency from Mexico...and anywhere else for that matter. In fact, it is a disaster waiting to happen, conjured by a president of questionable integrity. By far(over 70%), the majority of Americans do NOT want amnesty for these people with our borders still unsecured. We don't want to hear your arguments and/or word games about brothers and sisters or who's doing what...we don't CARE. An illegal is an illegal, period. It would be best if it never passes for the safety of everyone. These people are poking a very big bear with a very short stick...not wise.

  34. "Hispanic insurgency from Mexico." I stopped reading after that close minded statement. Boggles my mind how uneducated people spew bullshit hiding behind a computer screen. Neways...


    ITIN numbers are issued by the IRS to ANYONE who works within the USA to pay taxes legal or NOT. Spreading the myth that undocumented persons don't pay taxes doesn't make the opposite true, sorry nice try though. Thankfully this is 2010 and there are vast amounts of resources available for research. FIXED NEWS NETWORK is OPINION not journalism people.

    The DREAM Act is not an amnesty, citizenship is obtained only after receiving a 2 year degree or joining the military, but one must wait at least6 years to even apply for citizenship during which time the individual must remain in good moral character ie. no criminal record. This is cream of the crop if you will for these kids threw NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN were brought to USA just like the immigrants from the past.

    To blame them the kids for breaking laws is probably the stupidest argument one could make. Would you have a 4year old sign a legal binding contract and expect him or her to understand the full implications of that document? Would you punish a child for participating in child pornography ( i know this is extreme but still applies in that logic) ? NO, didn't think so.

    I hope the dream act passes so these kids can have a chance to give back to the only country most of them have ever known.

  35. I hope from the bottom of my heart that it does too. I've been here since kindergarten I got my diploma and am attending a JC I pay with my own money cause I don't qualify for loans. I want to be a nurse to better my life and that of my daughter. That's all. I will end up giving back to this country that I have come to love so much. I don't even know the anthem of my birth country Jamaica. I grew up putting my right hand over my heart and saying the pledge. I know nothing else. Both of my parents have died and I grew up with my neighbors whom I love and cherish but they couldn't file for me because they weren't my parents and the state couldn't even send me back because they could contact no one to receive me at 8 years old in Jamaica. So I'm stuck and here I am living a double life and having to keep this secret from my friends for fear of their anger... Please pass this act so I can step into the light I've been denied all my life..

  36. Send theese stupid free loading Mexicans bac. Let them change own country. They broke the law by the time they were old enough to walk

  37. I think that All Americans that want to kill DREAM ACT, should research their family backgrounds and see where their roots are coming from, i know a lot of people that call them selves AMERICANS but their parents or grandparents or even grand-grandparents were immigrants once,
    most of us pays taxes,most of us just wants to make a living, i came to US. when i was 10 now I am 27 i don't know nothing about country i came from i,m lost in translation my parents are legal and I'm not...



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