Monday, November 1, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Scores

Dancing with the Stars Scores are available and let's take a look at the stars who have danced, including Politics & World's favorite contestant, Bristol Palin.

Kyle Massey and his dance partner went first, and ended up earning 59/70. This is his individual score combined with his individual score.

Bristol Palin did Kelly Osbourne's great dance, and got a 57/70 which is her individual score combined with the group dance. I am just a bit miffed that Osbourne gave her a 9/10 instead of a 10/10. The stars should stick together!

Kurt Warner mimicked an Emmitt Smith dance from season 3, and got a combined score of 61/70.

Rick Fox Did Helio's dance and got a 61/70 as well.

I'm not likin' Jennifer Grey's attitude so much anymore.

What are your thoughts on the Dancing with the Stars scores, namely Bristol Palins?


  1. Kelly Osborn is a jerk.

  2. Not sure where you've seen her be a jerk but she is amazingly kind on Joan River's new weekly Fashion Police show. Kelly is really gracious.

    I have really enjoyed Bristol on this show. I'm not an SP supporter but know that has nothing to do with Bristol. I think early and mean criticism of Bristol was so obvious (Gawker).

    She's been fun to watch and evolve and Bristol has a fantastic smile.

  3. While women in our society are usually judged on their physiques I have to say I think the men's build "hurts" them.
    Love Kyle Massey , but he's husky. And Rick Fox and Kurt Warner are too tall (Rick esp.)
    I've only watched a short time but my uninformed impression is that no matter how correct Kyle's technique may be, I see husky in a tux. Rick towering.....


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