Monday, November 1, 2010

Colorado Senate Race 2010: Buck vs. Bennet Results & Polls Close

Colorado Senate Race 2010: Buck vs. Bennet Results Close. Colorado's Senate race between incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet and GOP challenger Ken Buck is one of the closest races in the country. Keeping the Colorado Senate seat blue is important to the Democrats who want to keep the power in the Senate.

It's expected that the Senate will stay in control of the Democrats, although the House is expected to shift power to the Republicans.

Right now, an October 30 poll sits Buck at 50% of the vote with Bennet at 46%, with a 3% margin of error. This is tight, and the race could go either way.

Colorado isn't only one of the nation's tightest races, it's also one of the most expensive. Ringing in at $30 million of outside funding fueling the ads and the campaigns, many voters are disgusted with Bennet and Buck.

We will see tomorrow who ends up on top...Buck or Bennet.

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  1. Definitely would have voted for Michael Bennet and John Hinkenlooper, had I not been out there updating the files per the participants/voters for the elections. If Bennet and Hinkenlooper can create the jobs they promised, and renew our environment; then I'm all for them. Those are our two biggest problems.


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