Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Election Results 2010 Are Available Tonight

Early Election Results 2010 Are Available Tonight. The early election results 2010 are anticipated. As some of the nation's first polls have closed, early election results 2010 will be rolling in a little later, and stay tuned because we will keep you informed.

Some of the key races are:

West Virginia Senate Race: popular Governor Manchin is going head to head with Raese for Senator Byrd's former seat.

Florida Senate Race: Kendrick Meek, the Democratic opponent stole some thunder from Crist, and it appears as if Marco Rubio will win this seat.

Prop 19 will legalize marijuana in California, in passed.

Alaska's Senate race will show if Sarah Palin's endorsement of Joe Miller worked with the Alaskan people, who have historically loved Sarah Palin.

Colorado's Senate race is one of the most expensive with $30 million of outside funds spent on the race.

The Delaware senate race is also key, as an upset by Christine O'Donnell isn't expected but would be welcomed by some.

The Illinois senate race will fill Obama's former Senate seat.

Harry Reid is facing strong opposition in the Nevada Senate seat race. Sharron Angle may just beat the Senate majority leader.

The Democrats are expected to keep power in the Senate, but lose power in the House.

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