Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Results 2010 & Polls

Election Results 2010 & Polls. The election results and polls are becoming available, however they aren't 100% available yet. However, we have a few key races we can report. These aren't official reports yet, but they are projected by major sources like Fox, NBC, CBS, and the Huffington Post.

Marco Rubio won the Florida Senate seat

Mike Kelly beats Kathy Dahlkemper

In Georgia, Austin Scott beat the incumbent

Larry Kissell won over Harold Johnson in North Carolina

Barbara Boxer is expected to keep her seat in California

Blanche Lincoln lost her seat in the Senate in Arkansas

Rand Paul won the Senate nomination in Kentucky

Manchin won the nomination for West Virginia's Senate Seat

Chris Coons took Joe Biden's former Senate seat

Of course, the results of prop 19 aren't available yet. Neither are some of the other pivotal roles. The election results 2010 & polls available.

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