Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elizabeth Smart Case & Brian David Mitchell Trial Update

Elizabeth Smart Case & Brian David Mitchell's trial are underway.   Elizabeth Smart was just 14 when she was abducted from her Utah home by knifepoint.  She was taken from the bed that she shared with her young sister.  Elizabeth Smart was then held in captivity by Brian David Mitchell, where she claimed she was held as his wife and was raped on a daily basis, many days multiple times. This lasted for 9 months, and then she was discovered. 

The trial for Brian David Mitchell has been a long time coming.  Elizabeth Smart, who is working as a missionary in France came back to testify, and shared her account of what she called was a "realistic nightmare." 

The trial doesn't center on whether or not Brian David Mitchell did the things he is accused of doing.  The trial centers on whether or not Brian David Mitchell was insane.  Understanding his mind is going to be difficult for the jury. 

Do you think that Brian David Mitchell should be determined to be "not guilty" or "Guilty, but insane"? 


  1. having gone through a somewhat incident, but never finding the culprit and my years of aftermath, i feel he is guilty as heck.

  2. Why are the only choices "not guilty" or "Guilty, but insane". Why not, as Anonymous put it, "guilty as heck". Insane or not, everyone should be held equally accountable for their actions.

  3. GUILTY AND PUT AWAY FOR LIFE - would an insane person ensure that she is covered up so no one can know that it is Elizabeth - was he not protecting himself then? He is a pig and needs to be put away for life. No more excuses for this pervert!

  4. how about - shoot this piece of garbage in the head and save us all the time and effort, and taxpayer money. The fact that this guy even gets a trial is ridiculous. This poor girl has gone through enough.


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