Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zahra Baker Case: 1 Month Later, Missing Girl Not Found

Zahra Baker case: 1 month later, missing girl still not found.  Zahra Baker went missing about a month ago - or perhaps longer. The problem in Zahra's case is that no one outside her immediate family saw her at least one month before she was reported missing by her father. 

Elisa Baker, Zahra's stepmother, is a person of interest. She's behind bars, and admitted to writing a fake ransom note for the girl. 

Authorities did find her prosthetic leg, and confirmed it belonged to her by comparing the serial number to medical records.  Bone was also found around the area she could have went missing from, and tests are underway to see if the bone does, indeed, belong to Zahra. 

There's a lot of indications that the young girl is dead.  Her birth mother in Australia has been looking for her, and located her only a couple of days before she went missing. Her mother doesn't think she's alive. 

In addition, an Amber Alert for the girl was cancelled shortly after her stepmother admitted to writing a fake ransom note.  Her case is being investigated as a homicide, although no body has been found. 

What are your thoughts on the Zahra Baker Case?

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  1. I feel so sorry for Zahra, I have seen the pictures of her room and to think that was the last place she was probably alive. That poor girl was always smiling in her pictures, but God only knows what she was dealing with in her home on a daily basis. Why won't her father and step-mother lead investigators to her, and to give her a proper burial, back in Australia where her mother is mourning her? This story makes me so sad, and mad that anyone can treat a helpless child like that. I think that her step mother probably got angry with her for ignoring her, or not listening, when if fact Zahra couldn't hear her....whatever the case, justice needs to be served and that little girl found and laid to rest.


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